Caribbean Tea Party celebrates Grenadian artist

“Ode to Jab,” by Teddy Frederick.
“Ode to Jab,” by Teddy Frederick.
Photo by Ebony Prescod

A sunny, beautiful day on Saturday, July 1, was the perfect weather for the Caribbean Tea Party on Governor’s Island.

The tea party was a celebration of the closing of “Life After the Ether,” a show by Grenadian artist, Teddy Frederick. It exhibits art about Grenadian lives, community, agriculture, food, land, and wellness. The closing ceremony was a collaboration of many Caribbean and Grenadian businesses.

The party included steel pan music, dancing, and delicious food by chef, Belinda Bishop. Her company, Flavours of Grenada, promotes sustainability, healthy eating, and culinary tourism in Grenada.

The Grenada Tourism Authority sponsored the event and spoke about their hopes to bring greater awareness to their island, and all it has to offer.

Guests enjoyed the artwork in the CaribBEING House, a traveling shipping container, which hosts exhibits, sells wares from Caribbean artisans, and spreads awareness about the Caribbean community.

“Life After the Ether,” was able to show in the CaribBeing House here in New York because of Calabar Gallery’s founder, Atim Annette Otim.

Calabar Gallery is a New York based art gallery that showcases art by contemporary African and African Diaspora artists.

Otim worked with Eeron Redhead, the head of Eastern Caribbean Rum Company, to set up a residency for Grenadian artists. These artists would have the opportunity to create work for a month, and then show it in the New York Gallery.

Atim took the opportunity to show Frederick’s work in the CaribBeing House to amplify and support the education about Caribbean culture, especially since the house is on Governor’s Island, reaching many different people.

While “Life After the Ether,” closed on July 2, the CaribBeing House is on Governor’s Island until Oct. 31, and their next exhibit will be Curren$ea, an exploration of the journey Caribbeans have taken to establish themselves within the Caribbean and America.