Naïka drops ‘H20’

Cover of NAIKA’s new single “H20.”
Cover of NAIKA’s new single “H20.”

Global pop artist, singer-songwriter Naïka, released a new single “H20” and accompanying music video, on all music streaming platforms.

The single marks her follow up to the successful 2021 EP Lost In Paradise Pt. 2 and comes on the heels of her hit single “Sauce,” which was featured in the 2021 global Apple iPhone campaign and gained household recognition after it premiered during the 2021 GRAMMY Awards and ran throughout the NCAA March Madness season.

Naïka has already earned international acclaim and attention for her distinctive fusion of sounds, a sonic approach she describes simply as “world-pop.”

With over 40 million+ streams across Spotify and Apple Music, the Miami-born singer-songwriter has carved out a new lane in the pop genre.

Absorbing inspiration from her French and Haitian heritage, as well as her family’s wide-ranging travels around the globe, from Guadeloupe to Kenya, South Africa to Vanuatu and beyond, the influence of African, European, and Caribbean cultures has shaped her both as an artist and as a citizen of the world.

“H20 is a long time in the making and is my first release as part of a very special new project that I have been pouring my heart and soul into during the pandemic” Naïka told Caribbean Life.

“I am exploring and unleashing a new side of myself with H20,” she added. “I love the sensuality and sexiness the song caries; it dips you in a pool of the divine feminine, which I find empowering.

“My hope with this single is that my incredible fans get excited for more new music this year, and for those that are not familiar with my sound, to get a taste of my vibe,” she added.

Naïka said her dream is to bring people together through her music, to shatter stigmas and encourage human connection that goes beyond race, religion and gender.

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