Azarah Bethea portrays “Indigenous Beauty.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

Even with 17 sections, Antione International is ‘Untamed’ for this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival.

“We chose this theme to represent the free spirit of carnival,” said band leader Trinidadian Kenneth Antoine, in a Caribbean Life interview, on Tuesday.

Antoine, who has been making mas for over 20 years, said that “Untamed” comprises 12 female and five male sections, including Aella, Unega Waya, Malicious Umps, Indigenous Beauty, Ferocious Jezebel, Nubian Royalty and White Ibis.

The band leader said he anticipates at least 30 masqueraders in the large band.

Sisters Azarah Bethea, 15, and Adajah Bethea, 16, who collaborated in designing Unega Waya (Cherokee Indian name for white wolf), said they “look forward to having a good time” on Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway.

“We’ll be enjoying the culture,” said the sisters, in unison, who will be playing mas with Antoine International for the second successive year. They previously played with Boom Mas International.

Azarah will be portraying “Indigenous Beauty,” while Adajah will portray “Unega Waya.”

“I’m excited,” said Azarah, who has been playing mas for the last five years. “I’m accustomed to it now.”

Antoine, who founded Antoine International in 1999 “as a way to promote my culture,” said masqueraders “of all Caribbean nationalities” in “Untamed” can expect “a great time from our all-inclusive band.”

He said a “wide house crew” of volunteers is feverishly “putting the pieces together” in “Untamed”, hoping to win Band of the Year.

Last year, Antoine International placed third in the Large Band category.

Masqueraders will sway to the beat of “our house DJ” down the parkway, Antoine said.

The mas camp is located at 245 East, 34th Street, between Church and Snyder avenues in Brooklyn.

Antoine can be reached at (347) 303-7857, or email Kennyantoi[email protected]gmail.com.

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