‘2+2’ Art Show

‘2+2’ Art Show|‘2+2’ Art Show
|Photo by Lem Peterkin

On Sunday, March 25 the Dorsey Art Gallery of 553 Rogers Ave. held its opening reception for their art show entitled “2+2” featuring two female and two male artists: Ramona Candy, Mary Chang, Joseph Bell-Bey and Dudley Vaccianna.

The works include mediums ranging from oil on canvass, mixed media, chine colle, acrylic on canvass, monotypes and glass. During the reception, the featured artists were introduced and had an opportunity to meet, mingle and describe their work to the 60 gallery guests.

The participating artists had this to say on how they felt to be in the show and what they wanted to convey in their work exhibited:

Bell-Bey said, “I am simply honored to be a part of this Dorsey event and the other brother and sister artists that are in the show are very, very talented people. It’s an honor to show my work along with theirs. The show is absolutely exquisite. Each artist has his or her own little niche that they’re feeling and I must say that did it very well. Dudley’s work is exquisite. Ramona’s work is off the top and very strong. Mary Chang’s work is very spiritual… it draws you in.”

Chang stated that she was “very pleased to be in the exhibit. What makes me the happiest is this institution. It is kind of like an underground gallery where artists come together and there is a support and authenticity among everyone.

“I selected some recent works because I think it is interesting to bounce off new things and not to have an expectation of whether it was good or bad, but to allow myself to be vulnerable and share what I am doing. I have the kind of works that are colorful and bold with energy, also work that could be more mono in tonality but still have energy at the same time and the rest is left to interpretation.”

Candy whose works are “choreography on canvass” enjoys “working with papers in collage and through chine collé in my (her) printmaking.” She said that it was an honor to be asked to show at Dorsey’s.

“I first knew of Mr. Dorsey when I was a teenager and he lived down the block from my family. He (and his dog Jackson) were friendly neighbors known on the block for their kindness. Little did I know he was the art aficionado, because I was all about my dance. I only got to see and talk to him again just before he passed, but I’m thrilled my art is frequently included in his legendary gallery,” said Candy.

Fine artist Vaccianna was equally delighted to join fellow artists in the show and currently has on exhibit paintings and hand-blown glass vases and plates featuring bright Caribbean scenery.

The Dorsey Art Gallery, established in 1970 by the late owner Lawrence Peter Dorsey, is the oldest, continuously active, black-owned art gallery in New York City.

The Dorsey Art Club created in 2003 is a committee of long-time friends of the gallery consisting of artists and collectors committed to the mission of promoting artists from communities of color though the hosting of exhibitions and special events at the gallery.

Dorsey Art Gallery guests meet and mingle at the “2+2” art show.
Photo courtesy Dorsey Art Gallery
Photo by Lem Peterkin