256 prisoners released for Easter

The Interdenominational Christian ministry, Food for the Poor, said it has been able to secure the release of 256 non-violent prisoners in several Caribbean countries for the Easter season.

Food for the Poor, one of the largest international relief and development organizations, said it had been able to secure the release of inmates in Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti and Honduras.

It said that prison overcrowding is a major problem in the Caribbean and Latin America and in some cases becomes a deadly environment for inmates and correctional officers working in these facilities.

The organization recalled the incident in Guyana recently where 17 inmates died in a fire in the Camp Street Prison, Georgetown.

Food for the Poor said it had worked to free 256 inmates for Easter, including four from Guyana, 232 in Haiti, nine from Jamaica and 11 from Honduras.

Each prisoner released in Haiti received a hot meal, a l00-pound bag of rice, personal care items and a monetary gift for transportation home.

In Jamaica non-violent prisoners were released from Hunts Bay Police Station

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