Go-Invest – Guyana’s office for business launches 55 places to invest

Guyana’s President Dr. Irfaan Ali during his maiden address to the United Nations General Assembly.
United Nations

Go-Invest Guyana Office for Investment, fresh from celebrating the Republic’s 55th Anniversary of Independence, launched “55 Invest” an initiative aimed at the pockets of overseas Guyanese who want to invest in their homeland.

The Office For Investments launched a list of 55 places to invest, noting that the country is the only English-speaking country in South America with several productive economic sectors, which include the extractive industries of gold, diamond and bauxite mining.

The agriculture sector that consists of fishing, livestock, rice, and sugar, and the manufacturing and services sector, which includes engineering and construction, are all open for business

The agency said its accelerating its development, through transformative and exponential growth since becoming an official petro-state in December 2019.

Go-Invest said opportunities for investors with a vision and a capacity to deliver are immense and as such the country is open for investment with its vast natural resources: a young, educated, and English population, stable and open financial markets, investment protection under the law, unrestricted repatriation of profits, and capital; duty-free access and equal treatment for social and foreign investors.

According to the agency, the growing economy and improved infrastructure will bring benefits for regional partners. Guyana and Brazil will benefit from a long-planned road opening regional partners, since Guyana and Brazil will benefit from a long-planned road, opening the door to bilateral trade.

Both foreign direct investment (FDI) and local content investment (LCI) are the engines for economic growth and development. The agency looks forward to its continued contribution to the growth of the economy.

By launching the invest 55 initiatives, Go-Invest aims to build global partnerships, creating a culture of excellence by partnering with local and international companies to increase development capacity across all sectors. The agency plans to proliferate knowledge transfer for local workforce through these partnerships.

Some of the opportunities are in meat processing operations, abattoir and packaging house, seafood and fish processing operations, large scale cattle ranching, among other agricultural projects.

Solar farms, air cargo (for fresh and frozen products), cosmetic manufacturing, herbal teas/essential oils production, gluten-free products, recycle plants, storage and theme parks, eco tourism, spa and wellness retreat, are just some of the industries that diasporans will have opportunities to invest in.

To learn more, email [email protected], www.goinvest.gov.gy on Face Book goinvest.

The office is located at 190 Camp & Church streets, Georgetown, Guyana. Telephone: +592-225-0658, 227-0658; Fax: +595-225-0655.

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