Guyanese foundation donates 10,000 packs of disinfecting wet wipes in Brooklyn

Lady Ira Life Skills Center distributed 10,000 packs of disinfecting wet wipes to organizations in Brooklyn, as part of her ÒWipe-Out CoronavirusÓ campaign, as the holiday season approaches. From left, Olympia Solomon-Bristol, Burgette Williams-Ford, Lady Ira Lewis, Bernard Gomes, and Amanda Hermonstine.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Lady Ira Lewis, founder of the 15-year-old Guyana American Heritage Foundation Inc., based in East Orange New Jersey, handed over 10,000 packs of disinfecting wet wipes in cartons to organizations, during an outreach in East New York, Brooklyn, to keep persons safe, as part of her campaign, to “wipe out the coronavirus, as the holiday season approaches.”

Donated by the Embrace Relief Foundation, a non-profit in Fairfield, NJ, through the office of Assembly Woman Britnee N. Timberlake, of the 34th Legislative District, Lewis, an executive legislative aide and constituent manager, and humanitarian in the Guyanese community, told Caribbean Life, that more of the sanitizing agent, is still available to organizations, private schools, or establishments, that would like to continue sharing the wipes to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis, who earlier this year, founded the Lady Ira Life Skills Center in underprivileged Agricola Village, on the East Bank of Guyana, will also be donating the wet wipes to the organization, to combat the coronavirus that continues to spread across Guyana.

She said she chose this community where there is great need, and where she can make a difference in the lives of residents, young and old, by empowering them through education and skills training programs.

“I have great people working with me to help meet the needs of the community,” said Lewis, who receives funding through generous benefactors, to make the charity run smoothly. One of the first big initiatives was a Spelling Bee competition, that helps students with reading and writing skills to prepare them for a successful future.

The community center is creating holiday greeting cards, that will be sold as part of the group’s self-help program, to bring participants financial help.

Lewis said she was inspired to build the center on land gifted to her by her father and encourages anyone who would like to be a part of uplifting the community and foundation, through educational programs, financial literacy, or via a donate to carry on initiatives, she could be reached at 1–973-951-9898.

Director of the Lady Ira Life Skills Center, Amanda Hermonstine, who was visiting the U.S. from Guyana told this publication that the organization was launched on July 9, 2021, with a focus on young adults.

The organization opened with a life skill program for young adults to send them off into the workforce.

“We opened with a one-week, life skills training, that was followed, by several other programs. A Christmas cards promotion is currently ongoing. We will wrap-up the year with a Christmas party,” said Hermonstine, a law enforcement professional.

The body is led by CEO Lady Ira Lewis. President is Joy Agness of Joy Agness events, and Vice President, Sherwyn Pile.

“While I am here things are up and running, and on the move, on the ground, in Guyana with Natasha Callender, and Osafa Johnson, and everyone is doing their bit. If anyone would like to donate, they could do so through me, in Guyana at 592-664-9771,” she said.

Burgette Williams-Ford, member of the Guyana Ex-Athletes & Friends Inc. a charity organization, said she is proud to be a part of the Lady Ira Life Skills Center, and when she heard of the Hope of the Children of Agricola, program, “I said this is something positive, I want to hear about, people giving hope to our young people, they are the future of Guyana.”

She added that every year her charity donates to various organizations and this year, “Hope for the children of Agricola will be receiving over 100 toys.”

“It is about finding the right people who are in need. We were all children at one time, and Christmas is a joyous time for them. I want to say thanks to the loving people, like my friend Yvette Faucette, and so many others who donated to the cause.”

She also thanked Veronica Franklin Simon and Ms. D. Quamina, who are  part of the humanitarian arm of the organization, for their benevolent spirit.

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