50th Independence logo on Dynamic aircraft

Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, Senator Roxanne Persaud, Captain Jerry Gouveia, Ambassador, George Talbot, Chairman, Rickford Burke, Chief Operating Officer Karen Kraus and Rovin Rozario, at the unveiling of the Jubilee Logo ceremony.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Karen Kraus, chief operations officer of North Carolina based Dynamic International Airways, said Dynamic International Airways remains committed to a long-term partnership with the people of Guyana to provide affordable flights from JFK to Georgetown, and is honored to celebrate the 50th Independence Golden Jubilee.

Kraus told an audience at John F Kennedy airport, that the airline was proud to fly Guyana’s golden jubilee logo during an April 27 unveiling in Terminal 1, alongside Dynamic Director of Stations, Neil Lott.

“We are proud to be a part of the celebration, and honored to provide affordable service from New York to Guyana for the 50th Independence Anniversary — as you can see from the beautiful logo we have placed on our aircraft,” said Kraus.

“Dynamic will continue to provide jobs for Guyanese, it is not just a partnership, it has truly become a friendship,” she told expatriates, elected officials, and media, during the morning ceremony.

Captain Jerry Gouveia, CEO of Guyana’s Roraima Airways who partnered with Dynamic two years ago, arrived on the carrier from Georgetown for the ceremony, and thanked Dynamic for providing jobs for Guyanese.

“Thirty-five Guyanese have realized their dream of becoming flight attendants made possible by Dynamic,” said the pilot, who lauded Kraus for affixing both the Guyana Independence Golden Jubilee, and the Guyana 50th Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee NY, logos on the body of the aircraft.

“Dynamic contributed in a tangible way to Guyana, not only with jobs, but also to the Independence committee in New York,” said Gouveia.

With ‘dynamic’ support on tap for the June 4 to 12 celebration in Brooklyn, Chairman Rickford Burke thanked the airline for its continued support for the Guyanese people.

“I want to thank Dynamic for demonstrating confidence in our celebration, and for your contributions to Guyana. I would also like to recognize Captain Gerry Gouveia for the good work he is doing in Guyana as the representative of Dynamic,” he said.

Recalling the growth of aviation over the past 50 years in Guyana, outgoing Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador George Talbot, acknowledged the important role Dynamic is playing towards mobility in the Diaspora where 140,000 Guyanese live.

He said despite Dynamic’s challenging beginning, the airline has stayed the course to support Guyanese.

“You have persisted and demonstrated a characteristic of Guyanese – ‘tenacity.’ I hope the airline continues as a partner and work to grow and become a permanent part of Guyana’s engagement in the world,” said Talbot.

He praised Captain Gouveia for being the representative of Dynamic, and for nurturing the partnership which produces regular flights to the Guyana.

Senator Roxanne Persaud and Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, of Guyanese lineage, congratulated Dynamic during the ceremony which was celebrated with the cutting of a cake designed with the logos of Dynamic International Airways, and the NY Committee.

Committee members who officiated included Kishore Seunarine, Claire Patterson-Monah, Janice Hall, Ann Narine and Rhonda Binda.

Sybil F. Chester, Dexter Hillman, Robin Rozario, Phillip C. Armstrong, and Patrick Hillmann SVPs of Levick Communications Trust, attended the ceremony.

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