A cleaner community!

A cleaner community!
Office of Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene

Brooklyn Council Member Mathieu Eugene last week joined the Department of Sanitation, students from MS 246 Walt Whitman, and community members to unveil new additional trash cans in the 40th City Council District.

The new trash cans, which were funded by Eugene, representative for the 40th Council District, “will help promote cleanliness in the neighborhood by making sure that trash cans are readily available throughout the district,” Eugene said.

In an effort to stop littering in the neighborhood, he said the trash cans also come with the message that he is working with his constituents to help raise awareness about the importance of the proper trash disposal process.

Eugene said this ongoing effort, which began last year, is dubbed, “Keep Our Community Clean.”

“Littering isn’t just aesthetically upsetting; it can also have a dangerous impact in the community,” he said.

Eugene said students from MS 246, who have been working diligently on a campaign to end litter, made a video to illustrate how litter can wash into the waterways and harm marine life.

“The litter in our streets is unsanitary, and it can hurt our community members, as well as local wildlife,” he said. “It’s important to properly dispose of our garbage, and I’m proud to allocate funding for more trash cans to ensure that our streets and sidewalks are clean and safe.”

Eugene said New York City relies on the Department of Sanitation to keep the city clean and safe, adding, “and I commend our sanitation workers because they are truly instrumental in keeping our city clean and functional.”

“I’m pleased to work with the Department of Sanitation to provide more trash cans in our neighborhood, and it’s crucial that the community use these bins,” he said.

“I’d also like to thank the students at MS 246 Walt Whitman for their advocacy for more trash cans, and I’d also like to commend their teachers and their principal, as well as Cafeteria Culture, who helped the students create their effective anti-littering video,” Eugene continued.