A Merry Maple Holiday Menu

The holidays are a time to celebrate the warmth of friendship, the love of family and the joy of the season. And when it comes to the holiday meal, you want a menu to match the mood and make everyone feel at home.

Pure Canadian maple syrup is a versatile, all natural ingredient that adds complexity and depth to your holiday recipes. The flavorful, yet subtle sweetness in maple syrup brings out the best in savory dishes like a beautiful rib roast, succulent roasted root vegetables, and an almost decadent sweet potato purée. It’s no surprise that maple’s nutty, vanilla and spicy hints are the perfect complements for pumpkin mini tarts — but it may surprise you to see just how easy they are to make. Crown your holiday feast with hot maple cider the whole family can enjoy, or for a special grownup treat, kick it up a notch with a splash of tasty dark rum.

When shopping at the grocery store, be sure to look for “100% pure maple syrup” on bottle labels.

For more flavorful ways to savor your holiday meals, visit the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup’s website, www.purecanadamaple.com, and follow on Twitter @PureCanadaMaple.