A note to our readers

President and Publisher Vicki Schneps.

As New York City’s largest source of local news, Schneps Media, a family-owned and operated company, is committed to continue providing you with vital information on the coronavirus pandemic and its local impact on every aspect of your life.

We are ensuring that amNewYork Metro and our more than 70 daily, weekly,  monthly and specialty newspapers and magazines are getting into the hands of news-hungry New Yorkers.

We will continue to be in the subways.

We are adding to our distribution door-to-door in residential buildings. You can also find us at supermarkets and health care centers. We are where you are!

If you can’t leave home, you can get all the news you need through our website, caribbeanlifenews.com. and read our digital editions. Stay up-to-date with the latest local news.

No other news outlet in the New York City market has the power and reach that we provide. Our team of reporters and editors are working 24/7 throughout the crisis to bring you the facts to keep you and your family safe, sound and in touch with our city.

We are grateful to our readers, advertising partners and vendors who continue to support us during this unprecedented time.

We have been humbled by all your messages of support and kindness. Send us “acts of kindness” that you experience to [email protected].

We are proud to call the New York City area our home, and we will continue to serve you!

Be well and stay healthy! We’re here for you.

Victoria & Joshua Schneps



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