Adams announces over $2M to help Ukrainians

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Commissioner Manuel Castro and Ukrainian leaders outside City Hall.
Office of the Mayor of the City of New York

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) Commissioner Manuel Castro on Friday announced that the New York City will provide more than $2 million in funding to help currently residing and newly-arrived Ukrainian New Yorkers get access to immigration legal assistance, translation services, social services and other resources.

The funds will go towards expanding personnel and increasing access to the robust resources that are available for all currently residing and new arrived Ukrainians.

Adams said New York City will also offer an expanded suite of resources in the coming weeks.

“New York City remains home to the largest Ukrainian population in America and we stand in solidarity with everyone affected, both here and abroad,” he said. “We are a city of immigrants and will be ready with open arms to provide as much support as needed.

“This newly proposed funding will ensure that these resources are available to currently residing and newly arrived Ukrainians, and will also allow us to tailor our offerings in the future as new refugees arrive,” Adams added.

“Today’s announcement shows our city’s continued and relentless commitment to the Ukrainian community during this difficult time,” Castro said. “From the very beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the mayor and I called on our federal partners to extend Temporary Protective Status for Ukrainians already living here and to streamline the process to help refugees and asylum seekers come to the United States, particularly those with family here.

“I’m committed to ensuring all immigrant New Yorkers know that their city has their back,” he added.

The Biden administration has announced that the United States will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression through the established resettlement pathways, as well as the newly announced Uniting for Ukraine process.

Adams said the city is implementing an initiative to provide key services and support to Ukrainian New Yorkers impacted by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The initiative will include immigration legal assistance to help residing and newly-arriving members take advantage of available forms of relief and resettlement pathways, including Temporary Protected Status, and humanitarian parole through Uniting for Ukraine.

The initiative will also include a public information and education campaign, case management, interpretation and translation, and direct assistance for displaced Ukrainian families resettling in New York City.

Adams said the initiative will be carried out by a coalition of city agencies, citywide service providers and Ukrainian-serving community-based organizations.

Ukrainian New Yorkers can go online for more information or call MOIA’s Immigration Legal Services Hotline at 800-354-0365 for connections to city-funded, free, and safe immigration legal help, including help in applying for Temporary Protected Status.

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