Adams: Trump’s budget is ‘purely irresponsible’

Adams: Trump’s budget is ‘purely irresponsible’
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.
Photo by Tequila Minsky

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has described President Donald Trump’s 2018 federal budget proposal as “purely irresponsible.”

“President Trump’s budget proposal is not liberal or conservative; it’s purely irresponsible,” said Adams in a statement on Thursday.

He noted that the White House is calling for “gutting agencies that perform critical services for all Americans, residents of big cities and small towns alike.

“The elimination of the Community Development Block Grant program, for example, stands in direct contrast to his long-standing pledge to fix our inner cities,” Adams said. “From our schools to our environment, from the arts to health care, this proposed budget does everything but make America great again.

“With our most vulnerable neighbors at risk, we must turn our anxiety into action,” he urged. “I urge all Brooklynites to organize against this dangerous plan and ensure Washington hears loudly and clearly what we expect from a responsible government, regardless of what political party is in power.”

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