Aleeia Abraham: Trailblazing entrepreneur and community builder in Queens

Aleeia Abraham, founder of The BlaQue Resource Network in Queens.
Photo courtesy The BlaQue Resource Network

Aleeia Abraham is a multifaceted force in Queens, New York, known for her prowess as a digital marketer and social organizer. Her primary mission revolves around elevating, developing, and supporting emerging creators, businesses, and brands — all Black.

At the forefront of her impactful endeavors is the creation of The BlaQue Resource Network (BRN), a vibrant collective boasting more than 30,000 Black individuals in Queens. Established in 2019, BRN originated as a Facebook group and has since transformed into a crucial foundation for its extensive membership. She has nine other persons who help to manage the groups.

“I decided to create this group on Facebook because I saw a need for information to get out to the Black community in Queens a little bit faster, I also saw that there was a disconnect between Black consumers who wanted to shop Black and finding Black-owned businesses to spend their money with.”

This dedicated network brings together Black businesses and communities under the pillars of health and wellness, education, civic engagement, and local economic growth. This highly engaged collective has become a catalyst for positive change in Queens, fostering connections and opportunities for its members.

Aleeia’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to expand her footprint with initiatives like BlaQue NY, BlaQue Community Cares, BlaQue Label Apparel, and BlaQue Vending Co.

Courtesy Aleeia Abraham

During the pandemic, the group emerged as champions for various causes, making a significant impact on the lives of thousands of families. Their standout initiative, a mobile food pantry distributing fresh produce, gained widespread traction, providing a lifeline for those facing food insecurity. They reached out to farms through their network of partners to source the necessary produce for their altruistic endeavors.

“So we moved in different areas in South East Queens and we were able to give out to 1000 families every single week for 20 weeks and during that time it wasn’t about food insecurity, it was about access because our grocery stores had nothing. It didn’t matter if you had $25 or you had one million dollars…there was just nothing there for you to buy.”

They actively support Black businesses, whether they are on the brink of closure or just starting, through their “cash mobs” initiative.

“We started it by going up Merrick Blv’d. and tried our best to sell out every Black-owned business and now we do it from place to place, so we recently went to a Black owned arcade in Hollis and we will bring hundreds of people there, and try to sell them out…businesses have reported doing so much better after our visit… a lot of businesses have recorded making well over one hundred thousand dollars and we’ve had this from several businesses just from participating through community service and posting in our Facebook group.”

The Black Resource Network is organizing a Science and Career Expo scheduled at York College on March 23, targeting students aged 10-16. The event will showcase 30 exhibits that will provide an opportunity for students to explore and engage in discussions about science careers with experts from the Queens community.

Aleeia ‘s exceptional service and contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2020, Queens Borough President Sharon Lee declared Aug. 10 as BlaQue Resource Network Day in Queens, a testament to Aleeia’s remarkable efforts in community building. Furthermore, Aleeia was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Queens by City & State Magazine in 2021, solidifying her impact on the borough’s landscape.

Her commitment to community and entrepreneurship reached new heights during the February 2022 Black History Month Celebration when she was honored by Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.

Looking ahead, Aleeia is set to add another accomplishment to her list with the upcoming release of a book on how to register your business in Queens, NY. Scheduled for publication in the winter of 2024, the book is poised to be a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the business landscape in Queens.