Alkaline’s ‘The Ripple EFFX’ EP exceeds industry first week trends


Despite misleading headlines and criticism in various circles, Alkaline latest EP, “The Ripple EFFX” has seen tremendous initial global success across several streaming platforms compared to industry standards, according to Alkaline’s publicist Rickardo Shuzzr.

Shuzzr said over the weekend that the six-track EP, released on Dec. 9, peaked at #1 in 16 of the 26 iTunes country charts where the project appeared on for the platform. 

On Apple Music Charts, the EP appeared on a total of 99 different country charts, where it peaked at #1 in 25 of such, Shuzzr said.    

“Alkaline’s legacy of solid debuts and topping the charts, paired with his recent EP data, demonstrates the artiste contented reign at the helm of the genre he represents as an independent artiste. This EP was for the fans, a gift for the holidays with no promotional thrust. Irrefutably, Alkaline’s career has been a ripple effect changing the industry, ” said Kereena Beckford, Alkaline’s manager.   

Additionally, Shuzzr said Streaming Pick-Ups (support) were received from platforms such as AudioMack (405,000 streams), Apple Music (311,000 streams), Spotify (150,000 streams), Amazon Music (13,000 streams), YouTube/VEVO (1.52 million streams) and IHeart Radio spins amongst other DSP notable support. 

“These results in a traditional global festive season, where albums aren’t often released, saw the project ending the first week with 600 units (sales and streams combined) and not making its debut on the Top 10 Billboard Reggae Charts as reported,” Shuzzr said. 

“There are individuals who selectively write bylines for clickbait and leave out facts when discussing Alkaline and his accomplishments,” he added. “These are the same individuals who sometimes don’t consistently report the sales for other acts, shielding them from scrutiny as they play into this façade of industry hype over substance. 

“Alkaline and his team have always raised the bar as we expand the genres footprint and aligning our practices to global industry standards,” Shuzzr continued. 

He said the artiste recently performed at Mavado’s Birthday celebration in New York and WinterFest in The Caymans Islands.