All about the Trump disaster

All about the Trump disaster
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, right, introduced Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump after endorsing him before a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth,Texas, Friday, Feb. 26, 2016.
Tom Fox / The Dallas Morning News via Associated Press

The very idea of there being a Donald Trump model that is head and shoulders over the best for which America is capable, is laughable beyond belief. Let’s begin with the idea of Trump being the best the republicans can offer. And let’s note immediately that the said offer has made no secret of the reality that he is without doubt a racist who is obviously incapable of knowing how to be different. Let’s recall that after Obama became president, the big thing for Trump was his insistence that the President was not entitled to be president — that there was something about Obama that made him not entitled. And it’s clear that there was nothing that would have made him entitled, once Trump had something to say about it. When in the second campaign, Obama did what many republicans, including Trump, thought him incapable of doing, Trump literally went berserk and wound up making a spectacle of himself, calling for republicans to protest what had taken place. In fact, it was simply Trump doing what his racist sentiment demands.

Even given republicans noninterest in making the convention somewhat problematic, one realizes that things have to have gotten pretty lame when some of the weird stuff started making the news. It became clear that there were some folks quite concerned about Trump’s ability to be beyond the joker most people saw, and of course they should. Trump’s campaign was all about instilling fear. And we came to see him as clearly not representative of what’s desired. The fact that a number of republicans made it clear that they had no interest in being around the convention said a whole lot.

But ultimately for most of us, the disrespect from Trump is what should engender a hate from this individual that we never forget. Trump was clearly incensed by the very thought of Barack Obama achieving what he did. His response was to in every way suggest, pretty much, that Obama’s monumental development was no big deal. It of course only makes us more incensed that republicans, to our dismay, have found it necessary to make such a hideous example of what they consider okay to do. We and many others like us will surely have a different sense about what is and isn’t acceptable.

We cannot make mention of what has been in the Trump scenario without also mentioning someone who has been apparently quite comfortable with what makes the Trump stuff work. Chris Christie did a bit among the republicans in an attempt supposedly to make Hillary Clinton blush. Instead, we can only wonder about whether Christie knows which end is up. After having gotten to a place that one would imagine still gives him enormous grief, one would think Christie not too keen about what went sour. He evidently believes there’s some good benefit to come from the Trump piece. Christie continues to think of himself as having done not a damn thing.

Trump however is what continues to make us incensed. It’s good that we are. Never forgetting what brought about our outrage.

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