Alton Aimable

Alton Aimable
Alton Aimable.

Alton Aimable is the Founder and President of Tropicalfete Inc., a cultural arts organization. Alton was born in St. Lucia but feels more a son of the Caribbean, connected to all the islands when it comes to culture.

His academic training in accounting, along with other studies in music and web programming provided the foundation for his online He calls this website “the official home of Caribbean culture.”

Aimable established Tropicalfete as an on-line publication and cultural resource center in 1999. In 2011, Tropicalfete became a not-for-profit organization.

“Whether it is carnival, dance, music, drama, or anything else to do with Caribbean culture, I am inspired to promote it though My dream is to take Caribbean culture to the international level where it will be accepted without discrimination or biases,” he says.

With a mission to develop arts and social services within the community, he also focuses on educating the global community on Caribbean culture. An example he gives is the establishment of a reading program with Barnes and Noble for June’s Caribbean Heritage Month.

For the past six years, Tropicalfete has been part of the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade creating marvelous masquerade presentations.

Furthering his goals he says, “We look at the development of artists from a holistic view, assisting artists with their social needs, for example, we help them with workshops in contracts and how to safeguard their assets.”

The organization sponsors free music workshops covering topics such as copyright and royalties, marketing, mixing and music lessons. They also offer mentorship opportunities.

Tropicalfete hosts classes in Brooklyn for children in dance, stilt walking and masquerade, and is expanding its program with funding from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Next year’s calendar, already includes performances, dance, readings, a steel drum program, and carnival costume making.

Continuing its mission in culture preservation and transmission, Tropicalfete has also worked with VH1 Save the Music Foundation to highlight the steel pan instrument, cultural institutions such as the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and has produced cultural performances at colleges.

Alton sums it up, “We are committed to the cultivation and advancement of emerging artists working in all genres including visual arts, fashion, music, dance, theater, film and new media. Tropicalfete seeks to utilize the power of the artist and arts as it strives to bring social changes to whomever and wherever needed.”

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