Amarimba L. Charles

Amarimba L. Charles

Trinidadian Amarimba L. Charles is the founder and executive director of T.A.L.L.O.M. (This Awesome Little Light Of Mine) Foundation Incorporated, a non-profit organization that focuses on inspiring, educating and empowering youth.

In October 2015, Charles said she decided to pursue her passion by establishing a platform where girls and young women can access the tools they needed to enhance their lives and create a better reality for themselves. She is a certified youth coach in addition to being a social entrepreneur. She holds a degree in Business Fundamentals from the University of Phoenix.

Charles said she uses her life experiences, practical, and realistic strategies to empower young women and girls to become confident, self-sufficient, and socially conscious. She believes that educated and empowered girls grow up to be educated and empowered women, who positively impact their families and their communities.

The multi-award winner is a recipient of the Power Woman in Business, an award of Recognition in Achievement in Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment, and a citation from the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President.

She says she has been willing to go above and beyond to provide an environment where children can find support and motivation to enrich themselves, and to pursue their goals. Her leadership skills are exceptional and her commitment to help each and every child is undeniable.

Charles says she was thankful that God strengthened her and placed the desire to serve in her heart.

“I have been inspired by numerous women along the way in both my personal and professional paths who are making a mark on the world at large and also in the life of young people,” she said, identifying among them, “powerhouse Oprah, the eloquent Michelle Obama, and my three beautiful and intelligent daughters.”

“These women have made an impact on my life that gives me the fortitude to continue to be a game changer,” she adds. “I am passionate about empowering girls and young women to become confident, self-sufficient and socially conscious. My hope is that the young ladies that I cross paths with will become educated and empowered women who will positively impact their families and communities. I am also encouraged by the love and support I receive from my partner.”

Charles said she was “excited and honored to be receiving the prestigious Caribbean Life Impact Award,” stating that it was confirmation on behalf of my community that I am making a difference, and I am grateful.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have imaging that this ‘Trini’ girl, who faced so much adversity, would defy the odds and become a beacon for others,” she added. “I am proud of the woman I am becoming daily.”