Anslem Douglas back with another album, new single titled ‘I Cried’

Photo: Anslem Douglas

Anslem Douglas, legendary singer of the million-dollar selling hit “Who Let The Dogs Out” is back with a new album, titled “I am Calling Over, and the album’s first single, “I Cried,” is heating up the charts after its release in November.

Douglas told Caribbean Life that the album took a lot of time and dedication, along with the commitment to doing it right. 

“I would never consider myself to be a perfectionist, but I believe in giving it your best. Your best today doesn’t mean you won’t do better tomorrow,” reasoned the musician, describing “I Cried” as a melody that was created after the pain and loneliness he experienced when a relationship had come to an end.

Recorded at Sandro Albert’s studio in Queens, the album that is trending will no doubt return the singer to his famous stance, after recording music for over three decades. 

“I have had Soca hits, like, ‘Good Music to Dance,’ ‘Ragga Poom Poom,’ ‘Who Let the Dogs Out,’ and others,” said the Trinidadian crooner, who topped smooth jazz popular play lists in Canada.

Douglas, who sold 3 million copies of the latter single, said he never knew at the time the rhythmic song would have grossed so much, adding, when he set out to write the song, like many others, he could not invasion it would become a worldwide hit.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Even as a child I would mimic popular stars and try to sing like them, so I guess I had in it me all my life,” he said of his musical career, which started out as a natural talent. 

Douglas added that he had never had the opportunity to attain any formal music school training, but had about just three hours total of voice training in his whole life.

Douglas is a versatile artist whose vocal range has allowed him to sing a few genres of music, including Gospel, Reggae, Calypso, and R&B. 

The San-Fernando born musician honed his skills while growing up in the village of La-Romain, lived in Canada for 23 years, and has resided in the United States for the last three years. He said he did not let the Coronavirus pandemic stop him from creating music, but it did hinder his opportunity to perform live.

Douglas was influenced by the music he heard on the radio growing up in Trinidad.

He calls himself a true Caribbean man, Douglas explained, mainly because both of his grandparents on his father’s side of the family were born on the Island of Grenada and his grandfather, on his mother side of the family, was born in St. Vincent. Meanwhile, his mother’s mother, was born in Trinidad.

Now that America is opening again after COVID-19 shut it down for almost two years, Douglas — who considers himself a successful performer — is ready to get back on stage at big shows, as well private events, like weddings, birthday parties, and more.

“I love what I have the opportunity to say yes, I’m a successful performer,” he said., adding, “It is no coincidence that the world is round so what goes around comes around; sow love, you will reap the fruits of love.”

To God be the glory always,” he concluded.

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