Antoine International gets ‘Erotica’ for Labor Day 2023

Takia Gilmore portrays "Lust.”
Takia Gilmore portrays “Lust.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Brooklyn-based Antoine International is getting ‘Erotica’ for Labor Day 2023.

“The theme is based on everyday lifestyle, like dressing, partying, sexual moods/ behaviors and the way we as a society think,” Band leader and producer Trinidadian Kenneth Antoine told Caribbean Life. “For example, the sections will tell it all.”

They are: Fetish, Ladies of The Night, Las Vegas (Sin City), Lust, Tantric, Tickle Me Pink and Erotic.

“We cover all areas in the field of ‘Bright and Vibrant Colors,’” Antoine said. “We hope to have sections of about 20 players each; and, if things work out, to be a winning large band.”

Shanice Darius portrays "Erotica.”
Shanice Darius portrays “Erotica.” Photo by Nelson A. King

Shanice Darius who played with Sesame Flyers last year, said she is trying something new this year.

“I’m trying to experience a different band,” said the Bushwick resident, whose father is Haitian-born and mother is native American.

“I expect good vibes and positive energy, and just to have fun,” added Darius, who will portray “Erotica.”

Brooklynite Alana Henry will portray “Las Vegas (Sin City).”

Alana Henry portrays "Las Vegas (Sin City).”
Alana Henry portrays “Las Vegas (Sin City).” Photo by Nelson A. King

“I love it (playing mas),” she said. “It’s fun. This is the third year playing for Antoine.”

Another Brooklynite, Alissa Victor will play “Tantric.”

“I do this (play mas) every year with Antoine,” she said.

But Takia Gilmore will play mas, portraying “Lust”, for the first time this year.

“I expect everything nice – soca and everything culture,” said Gilmore, whose parents hail from Guyana.

Cassandra Nicholas portrays "Tickle Me Pink.”
Cassandra Nicholas portrays “Tickle Me Pink.”Photo by Nelson A. King

A six-month pregnant Trinidadian Cassandra Nicholas hopes to “Tickle Me Pink.”

“Just because I’m pregnant, it’s not stopping me,” said the Brooklyn resident, who is expected her second child in November. “I look forward to Labor Day every year.”

Shannys King portrays "Tickle Me Pink.”
Shannys King portrays “Tickle Me Pink.” Photo by Nelson A. King

Shannys King who has been playing with Antoine International for 12 years, is on the banner.

“I expect fun, excitement, joy and laughter,” said King, who will portray “Ladies of the Night.”

The mas camp is located at 245 East, 34th St., between Snyder and Church avenues, in Brooklyn.

“I expect to win this year,” Antoine said. “They can’t beat me. We’ll be ready for Labor Day. We have a crew working on the costumes.”

Antoine can be reached at (347) 303-7857.