Attempted take over of G.C.B. is wrong

The Guyana Cricket Board has been a seperate entity and has the sole legitimate authority for the administration of cricket in Guyana. The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) recognizes the Guyana Cricket Board as the only authority to organize or request the sanctioning of official cricket in Guyana.

Interim Management Committee Set Up

The government of Guyana, through its Minister For Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony addressed a media gathering indicating government’s position on the cricketing issue.

The minister said there was nothing sinister about his ministry’s take over and in fact he was more concernd with mending the rift between the warring factions while healing Guyana’s cricket.

Former West Indies Captain Clive Lloyd has been named chairman of the Interim Management Council (IMC).

Letter Sent To The W.I.C.B.

From Anand Sansie

Guyana Cricket Board Secretary Anand Sansie wrote to the W.I.C.B. disclosing contents of a letter received from the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.

W.I.C.B. Responds

President of the West Indies Cricket Board Dr. Julian Hunte stated, “The W.I.C.B. cannot accept the interference of the government of Guyana in the administration of cricket in Guyana and certainly cannot accept the dissolution of the recognized Guyana Cricket Board.

“For the sake of clarity, the W.I.C.B. is not opposed to any government investigating the affairs of a member board in order to ascertain whether any criminal offence has been committed, including fraud, dereliction of directors duties including fiduciary duties or contravention of any relevant legislation.”

However, according to the Guyana Government Information Agency, GINA, “It was also felt that the WICB, by insisting that the de-recognised GCB is the only recognised entity to administer cricket in Guyana, has contributed to the debacle and its actions are tantamount to interference with the sovereignty of a nation state.”

Government intervened as mediator following a recommendation by the Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang.

Meetings were summoned with former President Bharrat Jagdeo and GCB members in the three counties and the IMC, headed by former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd, was set up.

A menu of measures were outlined including the drafting of a new constitution, development and implementation of a cricket development program at the national and regional levels, reconciliation of the fractions of the Demerara Board into one Demerara Board, an appraisal on the status of all financial transactions by an independent auditor and other issues that the IMC may deem pertinent to the development of cricket in Guyana.

W.I.C.B. Executive Decision

The Guyana Cricket Board is the duly recognized entity responsible for the management of cricket in Guyana and is a share holder of the West Indies Cricket Board.

The W.I.C.B. does not accept the interference of the government of Guyana in the affairs of the G.C.B.

The W.I.C.B. affirms its support for the G.C.B. and offers its assistance to find a resolution to this matter.

Note: The Guyana Cricket Board is a separate entity and should not have any political interference with the performance of their duties. Investigations into financial accountability and other alleged crimes or misconduct certainly warrants an investigation but not a general take over.

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