Award-winning ‘Mas Man’ screens Sunday at Harlem fest

Mas Man – The Complete Work, produced and directed by Dalton Narine, will be screened at 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 23, at Harlem International Film Festival – Maysles Cinema, 343 Lenox Ave. (Malcolm X Boulevard), between 127th and 128th Streets, in Upper Manhattan.

The film explores Peter Minshall’s leap from designer in the Trinidad Carnival to an artistic director of the opening ceremonies for three Olympics Games.

“I don’t think anyone could do Peter Minshall justice without televising him live for a few decades,” says columnist and film reviewer BC Pires, “but Mas Man – The Complete Work comes close to doing it in 89 minutes. The film is a genuine picture of the artist in his context, extremely well put over in a very short time.”

“‘Mas Man – The Complete Work’ has especial appeal to the performance art and fashion communities, too,” Narine says. “Minshall is renowned as a most novel designer around the world.”

Mas Man has won nine awards on six continents. Subsequent screenings are scheduled for festivals in New York, Hollywood, Toronto, Athens, Warsaw and Mumbai.

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