Barbados’ big money soccer Sunday

Barbados’ big money soccer Sunday
BDF’s Rashad Jules (L) and Wales’ Rico Graham jostle for the ball in last Sunday’s encounter.
Photo by George Alleyne

Weymouth Wales beat the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) 3-1, and Ellerton edged UWI Blackbirds 1-0 last weekend to earn themselves the right to square off against each other Sunday in a battle for one of Barbaos’ biggest soccer money prizes.

At stake willl be $25,000, along with a car for the most valuable player, when the two teams meet at the Astroturf, Wildey, St. Michael, in the Capelli Sport Super Cup final.

The losers Sunday will not go home empty-handed as there is a runner-up prize of $10,000.

BDF and Blackbirds will playoff for third place which carries a $5,000 reward.

The Capelli Cup, the island’s new professional competition involving 24 of the top teams, kicked off late August and narrowed down to the four-team clash in the semi-finals last Sunday.

But two first-half goals by Wales’ Ramario Harewood and Shaquille Belle, and a third by Walton Burrowes shortly after play resumed for the second period put paid to the BDF’s dream of qualfying for the final to jostle for the big money.

Nicholas Best provided the BDF’s only answer with a lone goal inf the first half.

Midway in the first half of the encounter with University of the West Indies’ Blackbirds, Shakille Belle netted the only goal of the match-up to give Ellerton victory.

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