Black Diasporan John-Sandy dies in Tobago

Rene John-Sandy, former publisher of Black Diaspora died in his birth-island of Tobago recently.

The twin-island native of Trinidad & Tobago first published Class Magazine, a weekly palm-sized publication which focused on Caribbean and African American news.

Featuring news, sports, fashion, entertainment, politics and travel information, the publication evolved to be known as Black Diaspora.

John-Sandy promoted African ideals and traveled to Ghana and Senegal in order to visit historic sites and accompany tourists to the region.

After his first visit to Ghana, he fashioned cloth, promotional, gift bags in the native Kente cloth pattern. In recent years, John-Sandy ceased publication of his magazine and returned home to establish a radio station in Tobago.

Reportedly, he chaired the Tobago Broadcasting System and granted licensing to 92.5 FM to commence broadcasting.