Bobby Digital plays sound system after two decades

Bobby Digital plays sound system after two decades|Bobby Digital plays sound system after two decades|Bobby Digital plays sound system after two decades
Passing the torch: Jamaican producer Bobby Digital and his son Giark playing his Heatwave sound system at Record Store day at VP Records store in Jamaica, Queens on April 21.
Ajamu Myrie

Long live the vinyl record.

Hundreds showed up for VP Records’ annual record store day at the flagship location in Jamaica, Queens on April 21. This was the store’s fourth annual recognition of the global event, which celebrates the vinyl record. It was also their third year hosting the record store event with sound systems, where they invite multiple deejays to come play their exclusive vinyls. Making his first debut in more than two decades was famed Jamaican producer, Bobby Digital who debut his Heatwave sound system, said the event coordinator.

“He hasn’t played his sound system in 25 years and he was a big draw to this year’s event,” said Dane Bogle.

“It was a pretty awesome from all angles from the set and rolling into he event.”

Unable to bring his original selector — the person in charge of choosing the songs and rhythms for a sound system, Digital brought his son Giark with him, added Bogle.

It was the first time the father and son duo played together, and a first time experience for Digital’s son, who had never seen his father play his sound system.

Other sound systems at the event incuded Pretty Posse.
Ajamu Myrie

“At the event he said his son wasn’t born yet when he stopped playing his sound system, and he said it was a good privilege to have his son there with him,” said Bogle.

Nearing the end of his sound system session, Bogle said an emotional Digital showcased the love he and many others have for the musical concept.

“At the end of Heatwave, he gave a speech and teared up, and even when he was playing, you could see the joy in his face as an older man,” he said.

Other sound systems included Massive B, Body Guard, LP International, Pretty Posse, and Kulture Kartel.

“I enjoyed the music coming out and hearing some records that have never been heard before because that deejay had it in a different style,” he said. “Sound systems get the artists to customize the song, which makes it more special and you get to hear the rare records they have.”

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It was Digital’s first time playing sound system in more than 25 years.
Ajamu Myrie

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