Jamaican Andrew Clarke, executive director of Braata Productions.
Photo by Nelson A. King

Braata Productions on Dec., 11 and 12 will host its annual “Christmas Grand Market,” a Caribbean Christmas experience.

“This year’s event returns to an in-person format after going virtual last year due to the pandemic,” said Executive Director Jamaican-born Andrew Clarke.

He said the weekend-long celebration of the Caribbean’s rich Christmas traditions will take place on Saturday, Dec. 11 at the Holy Family Church in Brooklyn and on the next day in Queens at Merrick Academy Charter School.

“Braata’s Christmas Grand Market keeps alive the old, rural Jamaican Christmas tradition by showcasing authentic folk forms of fine and culinary arts, dancing and music,” said Clarke, adding that both days will also feature a Jonkanoo parade.

An integral part of the Grand Market experience, he said the Jonkanoo parade celebrates the “Caribbean’s unique blend of African and European cultures through a procession of revelers depicting colonial-era characters including revolutionaries, subversive agitators, clever pranksters, and, of course, entertainers.”

Clarke said both days of Christmas Grand Market festivities will include Caribbean food, crafts and gifts from local vendors, live music and dancing, games and prizes.

He said cultural exhibitions and storytelling performances will be on display to honor the market’s heritage and provide historical context to the celebration.

Dahlia Harris will host the Christmas Grand Market event. Braata Productions

Braata Productions’ Artistic Director, Karl O’Brian Williams described “Christmas Grand Market” as “the best time of the year because the market has something for everyone — something to make you smile whether you’re an adult or a kid or an adult who’s a kid at heart.”

The Saturday market will open at 5:30 pm, with a concert at 7:00 pm, featuring Dahlia Harris as MC, with performances by the Chapman Brothers, the Braata Folk Singers, V.I.P (Visually-Impaired Professional) Kimiela “Candy” Isaacs and other special guests.

The Sunday market will open at 4:30 pm with a second concert, featuring the same lineup at 6 pm.

For tickets and information about the show, visit Braata’s website, or call 917-668-2209.