Brookdale Hospital holds Health and Street Fair

The Healthy Familes Brookdale booth at the health fair. Photo by Dawn Plummer
The Healthy Familes Brookdale booth at the health fair.
Photo by Dawn Plummer

If this is any indication on the importance of good health and the awareness of what residents will have to do to maintain good healthy habits, One Brooklyn Health – Brookdale Hospital has taken the initial steps to start highlighting what good health includes. This was on full display at the Brookdale Hospital’s annual health fair last Saturday on Rockaway Avenue between Church Avenue and Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn.

The event, which has not taken place for the past two years due to COVID-19, gave Brookdale Hospital the opportunity to work even harder with its messages and vendors who were prepared to disburse knowledge and needed health items for residents through these health material and social service programs, to understand the changes in strategies as life changes. Insurance companies, both life and health insurance, were available and were open to answer questions from anyone interested. Organizations representing the needs of women included Brookdale’s Women’s Health Program which provided graphic information on the importance of breast-feeding through its “Baby Friendly” program. Health messages outlining risk factors and symptoms to be aware of with heart diseases, lung cancer symptoms and COPD information on all of these deadly sicknesses were available.

Residents attend the Annual Brookdale Hospital Health Fair in Brooklyn. Photo by Dawn Plummer

Brookdale Hospital organized this exposition to the residents in the community and adjoining areas on the importance of staying healthy. New York City Health was on site to distribute material on the often-overlooked danger on lead poisoning in children. Material on all aspects of keeping the homes clean were available to protect families from hazardous products such as mold and mildew. Substance abuse disorder including opioid overdose was not forgotten, and the organization, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, was one of the participants at the health fair. This organization aims to reach young people with the truth about drug abuse and the liability that comes with using drugs. Those living with HIV- AIDS were also targeted and given information on how they can improve their lives and feel confident about living with HIV. Consumer products that should be avoided that carry harmful metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, were all distributed to residents.

With the increase in mass killing across America, Brookdale did not ignore the importance of gun of violence and on site was Elite Learners Inc., a Not-for -Profit in Brooklyn highlighting the activities of its programs to help protect the young people from the streets and help prevent gun-violence. Among the participants was a representative from New York City Human Rights on site also providing vital information on immigrants’ workers rights among other things. The health fair was inclusive, and all aspects of social service and health services were provided at the event including the digital era that everyone must face, and so young girls were available, Digital Girl, Inc. to introduce the availability of programs that can help seniors become more familiar with computer and the new development in technology.

Sponsors of the health fair included AT&T, First Net, Affinity Health Care Food Bank of New York City, The Municipal credit Union Elite Learners Inc., Godsquad 67th Precinct Clergy Council Inc., The Links Incorporated, Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger and PSA2 Police Department of New York. The state and city officials representing the community included Assembly Member, Latrice Walker; NY City Council Member, Charles Barron; Assembly Member, Nikki Lucas; NY City Council Member, Mercedes Narcisse; Council Member, Farah Louis and State Senator, Roxanne Persaud.

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