Brooklyn Assemblyman says his constituents in East Flatbush fret about zoning changes

East Flatbush residents are concerned about change.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Nick Perry says East Flatbush residents have expressed deep concern about what they regard as drastic changes in the area.

Jamaican-born Perry, who represents the 58th Assembly District told Caribbean Life that his office has received “many calls from concerned residents who are worried about a major change — due to many one and two-family homes being purchased,”

“Developers are pushing the zoning limits to the max, and East Flatbush, particularly those areas zoned R-6, seem to be very attractive to deep-pocketed developers,” Perry said.

At a recent town hall meeting Perry was joined by other elected pols and over 350 residents.

“Many residents asked how they can help, get involved and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood,” he said.

Perry said he told those selling their homes to “continue to be good neighbors throughout the sales process and think about the community throughout the process, and make a sale not based necessarily on the largest profit but on the greater good.”

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