Brooklyn-based alumni group donates lab equipment to alma mater in SVG

Science teacher Nikisha Primus stands beside a Ripple Tank donated by the Brooklyn-based Marriaqua Secondary School/St. JosephÕs Convent Marriaqua (MSS/SJCM) Alumni Association of North America, Inc.
MSS/SJCM Alumni Association of North America, Inc.

Since the formation of the Brooklyn-based Marriaqua Secondary School/St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (MSS/SJCM) Alumni Association of North America, Inc., one of its goals was to foster the educational growth of the second school in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by giving back in every possible way.

The school in the Marriaqua Valley in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been renamed St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.

On Sept. 16, which marked the school’s 52nd anniversary, the association presented to the principal and students much-needed science lab equipment, which included Bunsen burners, voltmeters, Carolina balance, burettes, copper metal electrodes and microscopes.

MSS/SJCM Alumni Association said in a statement on Monday that the handing-over ceremony was incorporated into the school’s 52nd Anniversary celebration with present and past students in attendance.

“The science equipment was very much needed,” said science teacher, Nikisha Primus, who also indicated that she no longer needed to find
innovative ways to demonstrate certain science processes as she now has the necessary equipment to do so.

MSS/SJCM Alumni Association said it was represented at the ceremony by Andre Bailey, who presented the equipment to Sis. Jacintha Wallace, principal of the school.

According to MSS/SJCM Alumni Association, in his remarks, Bailey urged students to “honor and cherish the equipment,” and hoped that the equipment will foster their education.

He also reminded students that the equipment is not just for current students but for future ones as well, the association said.

It said Sis. Wallace welcomed the presentation of the science equipment and recognized other donations the Alumni Association has presented to the school in the short time that the association has been in existence. The association was formed in March 2018.

Sis. Wallace indicated that the generosity of the association “reflects the motto of the school, ‘Caritas’, which means ‘love in service’ in Latin,” the association said.

It said fundraising activities that help to finance the school’s initiatives have been affected by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

But president Kenny Browne told Caribbean Life: “We remain very active and find innovative ways to accomplish our goals during this COVID-19 pandemic”.

The association thanked all who supported the organization and look forward to their continued support in making other school projects a reality.

In the meantime, Brooklyn resident, Janet Wyllie, secretary of MSS/SJCM Alumni Association of North America, Inc., appealed to past students, at home and in the Diaspora, to join in assisting their alma mater.

“It takes a village to enhance the education of our young people; and, these days, it matters more than ever,” she said. “We are looking to broaden our membership enrollment so that our mission and goals can be achieved.”