Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese for their contribution to NYC

Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese  for their contribution to NYC|Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese  for their contribution to NYC|Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese  for their contribution to NYC|Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese  for their contribution to NYC
The delegation observe the raising of the Guyana Flag for Guyana’s 53rdIndependence Anniversary. From left, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams, Lesley Dowridge-Collins, Consul General, Hon. Barbara Atherly, Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, Farah Louis, city council member, elect, Deputy Inspector Tania Kinsella, Karen Wharton, and Rickford Burke, president, Guyana Independence
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams, during brief remarks at Borough Hall, on Friday, May 24, thanked Guyanese for their contribution, which he said has made Brooklyn, New York, a great place to live.

“Lets continue to lift, not only the flag, but the spirit and adoration of every rich community, as the Guyanese community has, said the politician, who joined the diplomatic corps, and expatriates on the tarmac of Brooklyn Borough Hall, to salute the Golden Arrowhead flag that was hoisted atop of the municipal building, to commemorate the country’s 53rdIndependence Anniversary.

Proudly stating, that he had celebrated five consecutive Independence observances with Guyanese, at Borough Hall, Adams told nationals to continue to aspire for their country, while here in the diaspora in America, a place where Guyanese-born, New York State Senator, Roxanne Persaud, serves.

He also welcomed Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow, Consul General, Barbara Atherly, Haitian-American, Assembly Woman, Rodneyse Biochotte, and Farah Louis, council member elect, of District 45th, stating, “we don’t only have the Guyanese spirit here, but the Haitian spirit with as well.”

Adams also joined the delegation for a march-past of the Disciplined Services, that included members of the Guyana Defence Force, who had arrived from Guyana, to march with the Guyanese –American NYPD Officers, ex-Guyana Police, and ex-GDF. The Victory Music & Dance Company Brownsville Excellence Marching Band accompanied them.

The exciting moment came as Emcee Ervin Washington, counted down, and Guyanese looked up with pride as the Golden Arrowhead flag, fluttered in the air, to loud applause and the words of, Happy Independence Guyana echoed across the atmosphere.

Planned with dedication, by Friends of the Consulate Committee, the celebration continued in the Rotunda of Borough Hall, with tributes, and drumming by Akoyaw Rudder.

Extending greetings to Borough President, Eric L. Adams, the Caucus of CARICOM Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and the members of the CARICOM Consular Corps, Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow, said 53 is an important year for Guyana.

“History may well remember this year as the year in which Guyana placed itself firmly on the path to economic independence, after fifty-three years of political independence.”

“The road has been difficult, we’ve made mistakes and suffered setbacks along the way. Independence is not a one-time event that happened to us in 1966. Independence is a process — a long, hard and sometimes a painful process.”

“As we celebrate our 53rd anniversary, let us count our blessings, let us resolve to use all of our natural resources and all of our people to transform Guyana together so that, by the grace of God, when we gather here again next year to hoist the Golden Arrowhead in commemoration of the 54thanniversary of our political independence, we will be firmly set on the road to economic independence,” said the diplomat.

“Let us go forward into that bright future united, as one people, one nation with one shining destiny.”

Under the theme: Celebrating Unity and Pride, Consul General, Barbara Atherly reminded, that “Independence Day” was not the consequence of a singular event but, rather, the culmination of 350 years of fighting the many struggles of colonial rule, and called on nationals to continue to pay tribute to “our ancestors, who struggled and fought for our liberation. May 26 this a day that gives us all an equal opportunity to demonstrate true patriotism.”

“Independence Day celebrates us as a truly unique, multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious state. We can boast of how well this diversity translates in Guyana. His Excellency President David Granger describes our “national tapestry of variegated threads –culture, ethnicity and faith”, as being “stronger because it is weaved from our separate, but sturdy, strands. It is more resilient because it represents and reflects the talents of different groups.”

CG Atherly saluted those who laid the foundation with pride, stating that their continuous fight is proof that there is no challenge that could withstand the strong resolve of the nation.

She concluded “we must all commit to working together, in the best interest of our country.”

“A Happy Independence to all, God Bless Guyana,” she shared.

Mrs. Lesley Dowridge-Collins, in the meantime, brought greetings,on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Riyad Insanally, ambassador of Guyana to the USA.

During the festivities, Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, of the 19th Senate District in Brooklyn, presented a Resolution to Barbara Atherly, and H.E. Rudolph M. Ten-Pow, while, Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte, with Council Member, elect, Farah Louis, in turn, presented a citation to the diplomats.

A toast, and the cutting of a cake decorated in the colors of the flag, honored Guyana’s 53rdIndependence. The two diplomats during a light moment fed each other cake, garnering laughter from the audience.

Others in attendance were, Vice Consul, Samuel Robertson, Justice Ingrid Joseph, Sherif Fraser, district manager, community board #17, Brooklyn, Rickford Burke, Guyana Independence president, Writer Director, See You Yesterday, Stefon Bristol, Rare Admiral, Ret. Gary Best, among others.

The evening’s proceedings commenced with the singing of the national anthems by Anthony Alleyne, blessed by Rev. Al Cockfield II, Pandit Deepak Raman, Imam IItab Hossein, and ended with a vote of thanks by Megayla Austin.

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