BVI Tourist Board lures tourists with promotion

BVI Tourist Board lures tourists with promotion
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and the beauty of the British Virgin Islands under the theme – Discover the Hidden Treasures of the BVI – 60 Islands One Unforgettable Experience – was the backdrop for a spectacular Full Moon celebration, hosted by the BVI Tourist Board to woo travelers to their breathtaking islands in the Caribbean.

Using the beautiful ambiance of Tian At the Riverbank, in Riverbank State Park in New York City, Marketing/Public Relations Manager Lynette Harrigan and General Manager of North America Perla George, put on quite an enjoyable evening to give guests a glimpse into the attractive offerings that await them when they arrive in the tropical utopia.

To open the night’s event, saxophonist Kumau Georges invited the audience to imagine themselves on a sandy beach before his mesmerizing music captured the mood of sunshine and pleasure.

Vocalist Ouida Nisbett in turn, brought on the heat of the islands with Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music,” before setting the tone to bring along tourists to the BVI with the mellow lyrics of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I am Telling you.”

She ended with “Love Takes Over” and her original hit “Just”- selections fit she indicated, for a wedding ceremony on a tranquil beach in the BVI.

But it was the colorfully costume clad Anasazi Dancers of the BVI, that raised the temperature to 100 degrees, as they broke out in rhythmic gyration, to the infectious music and tease of Carnival elements in the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to the “painkiller” rum drinks, and seafood eats to tantalize the palette, Harrigan also enticed the guests with the lure that the region is the sailing capital of the world.

“You could enjoy breakfast on one island, stop at another for a painkiller, and then have dinner at another, without leaving the BVI,” said Harrigan who announced the launch of a BVI-P rewards program for persons who have visited the islands for 10 years as indicated in their passport.

This Gold member program will fast-track such tourists on their next visit. While they are pampered in a BVI-P lounge, the Tourist Board will clear their luggage and attend to their immigration paperwork.

The Tourist Board, which has also partnered with talk show diva Wendy Williams to promote the region’s tourist package has been on a media blitz so far stopping in Miami, Los Angles and New York. Harrigan said at these social events friends, natives, media and potential clients were invited to experience the various gateways to the BVI, especially now during the cold winter season.

“The partnerships with American Airlines and American Eagle have also been very good for travel to the BVI,” added Harrigan who claims that numerous tourists have told her how relaxing and stress-free their stay has been in the BVI. “The moment you land in the BVI your stress level drops,” professed Harrigan.