Calvary’s mission food pantry seeks donations for new building

Founder of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, Tony Singh against a long line of residents who waited on line for hours to be served, turkeys and all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner during a distribution on Nov. 20 in Jamaica, Queens.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, at 102-16 89th Avenue, which services approximately 1500 residents who wait from 6 am on Saturdays for a meal, has received a donation of $5,400 towards the purchase of a refrigerated truck to extend its outreach food drive to more residents, who are unable to get to the Jamaica, Queens location.

The charitable group, which has been distributing nutritious food items for the past 20 years, received the donation from Reverend Cecil B. Stone, his daughter, Crystal, and the congregation of Springfield United Methodist Church, in Springfield Gardens.

Managing Director of Calvary’s Mission, Kevin Sookdeo, during the Nov. 20 Thanksgiving turkey and food distribution event, that showed the number of persons needing help doubled, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, said, he had a vision for the refrigerated truck, and prayed about it. Fortunately, word got around, and the donation was made to start the process to obtain the truck, which will help the homebound elderly who can not access the pantry for fresh produce.

“It is really tough having to make a decision to get a quick cheap meal, instead of a nutritious meal, and this new addition to the pantry will provide that service to help many others who are hungry,” said Sookdeo.

Founder of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, Tony Singh said that the panty has outgrown its space since the need has become much greater and is now seeking donations for the pantry to move into a bigger space, and away from the small community where it is now housed.

Managing Director of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, Kevin Sookdeo, right, and a volunteer, distributing hundreds of pounds of food for Thanksgiving dinner. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

They both thanked volunteers for their unwavering support, getting to the pantry at 6 am, to make sure vegetables, fruits, breads, juices, eggs, especially, at the Thanksgiving season, when turkey and other meats were handed out, to hundreds who passed through the food line.

“Every donation, counts, and go a long way, serving more people in a bigger building would really help. If 1000 persons donate $5.00 each, that will go a long way towards funding a new building,” said Singh, who explained, that the pantry has no income to show the bank in order to secure a loan, as such, donations will be needed, and appreciated to fund the new project, that already has seed money.

“Calvary’s food pantry in a new building will not only distribute food, but it will also become a utility center, where cooking classes, sewing and patterning making, computer literacy, and cake decorating, will be among educational and skills-training offered to the members of community,” said Singh.

The pantry, that will be continuing its Christmas toy drive, with a distribution on Dec. 17, through Nadia Singh, received blessings on Nov. 20, from brother Bill of Springfield United Methodist Church, before food packages were delivered.

The pantry was closed on Saturday, Nov. 27, to give volunteers an opportunity to have Thanksgiving dinner with their families, but will be back the following week, to continue its charitable giving.

To learn more about Calvary’s Food Pantry, or donate, go to www., or call (646) 427-0956

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