Cameron backs Sanasie for CWI presidency

Cricketers pay based on points|Cricketers pay based on points
Former Cricket West Indies President, Dave Cameron.
Associated Press / Ricardo Mazalan, file

Former Cricket West Indies (CWI) President, Dave Cameron is throwing his support being veteran CWI director, Anand Sanasie of Guyana and his running mate, Calvin Hope, of Barbados, when the CWI hosts its annual general meeting (AGM) to elect a new president and vice-president and other officers on March 28.

Cameron told the Mason & Guest show in Barbados last week, that incumbents

Cricket West Indies President, Ricky Skerritt. Cricket West Indies

and Dr. Kishore Shallow, who defeated him and ended his six-year tenure back in 2019, have not demonstrated the kind of leadership some had hoped to see.

The former CWI president said he still has not seen anything that this new administration has given him any confidence to say they are the right team to go forward.

Last month, Sanasie announced his candidacy for the post of president, saying that the time is right for new “visionary leadership.” Cameron said his choice was based on the track records of both men.

Cameron said he was not sure how to grade Skerritt, 62, and Shallow, 35, because “they didn’t tell me what they were going to do, apart from moving me from office. So on that basis, they have won, but I am not sure what else they have been able to do.”

“Hope and Anand have demonstrated, Barbados cricket and Guyana cricket are leading cricket nations in our region and if they can transfer what they have done at their respective territorial boards to WI cricket, we can only move forwards,” Cameron said.

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