Cancer insurance products offer financial and wellness benefits

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some individuals, especially those who have a family history, may consider the observance to be a reminder to visit a physician for a cancer-screening test.

“No one should have to recover from debt while they recover from cancer,” says Allstate N.Y. spokesperson Jaclyn Darrohn. “With cancer insurance, you can rest easy knowing it will take care of many of the bills and expenses that your primary health insurance doesn’t.”

The name says it all. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, your finances can get a much-needed boost on top of the pay-out from your primary health insurance coverage. You can use cancer insurance to help pay for:

· Doctor bills

· Hospital expenses

· Prescription drugs

· Indirect costs, like transportation, child care, and living expenses

The cancer policy is not for all consumers, but it could be worth consideration if:

· Cancer is in your family history

· Money set aside for the unexpected is limited

· No income is in place should you be unable to work; either if you or one of your children are diagnosed

· Specified illness coverage does not exist through your workplace

“This personal coverage insures your salary and non-medical-related expenses if you are diagnosed with cancer,” said Darrohn. “The cost is affordable and the benefits give you financial help during a time when you need to stay focused on getting well.”

Treating a serious illness like cancer is serious business, and unfortunately, the costs add up faster than you might imagine. Cancer insurance gives you one less thing to worry about. For additional information please contact your local Allstate agent or visit

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