Caribbean art discussion

Caribbean art discussion|Caribbean art discussion
Jamaican artist Kemel Rankine in front of his artwork. His work along with two other Caribbean artists will be the topic of discussion at the annual Anne Hill Blanchard Lecture at the American Folk Museum on Jan. 21.
Robin Farquharson

Caribbean art will be the focus of a lecture at the American Folk Art Museum on Jan 21.

The museum’s annual Anne Hill Blanchard lecture will host, “New Research on Self-Taught Art in the Caribbean.” The series presents scholars to discuss the work of three Caribbean artists and their impacts. The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s finest art and this event will allow that work to be celebrated, said the museum’s director of education.

“Each year we have a different focus and this year we really felt it was an important moment because the region is diverse culturally and so is in the collection of art,” said Rachel Rosen.

Three scholars — Barbara Paca, Nancy Josephson, and Jacqueline Bishop are going to examine the work of late Antiguan artist Frank Walter, Haitian artist Myrlande Constant, and Jamaican artist Kemel Rankine respectively.

Several pieces of art from each artist are going to be analyzed and discussed, such as the origins of their work, and what influenced them, according to Rosen.

“Each scholar is going to have a full body of work with them, using some examples to illustrate and talk more broadly about the artist,” she said.

Rosen said the event is a chance for people to learn and become familiar with Caribbean artists whose work may not be well-known.

“I think it’s a chance for people to become exposed and expand their thinking about who artists are and what art can be,” she said. “This series is a look at underappreciated artists because all three are really fascinating in different ways, and this is a chance for people to come and experience their work.”

“New Research on Self-Taught Art in the Caribbean” at American Folk Art Museum [2 Lincoln Square between W. 65th and W. 66th streets in Manhattan, (212) 595-9533,]. Jan. 21, 11 am–1 pm. $10.

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The artwork of Haitian artist Myrlande Constant.
Myrlande Constant

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