Caribbean Social named restaurant of the year

Caribbean Social named restaurant of the year|Caribbean Social named restaurant of the year
Sip Unwine proprietors with their delicious Macaroni & Cheese and Jerk Chicken, won Best New Restaurant Award.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke


Caribbean Social named restaurant of the year

Caribbean Social was named restaurant of the year on June 25, at the third Annual International Food and Wine tasting at the JLoft in Brooklyn, hosted by the Brooklyn Borough President Nightlife and Restaurant Coalition.

Some of the participating restaurants were 544 Eats, RJ’s Place, Footprints Café, Suede, Trendz Culture Club, and K. A. Cakes, specializing in Black Cakes, gave supporters samples of their rich, Caribbean cuisine and desserts.

And for their participation, Coordinator June Persaud presented Caribbean Social with a Congressional Certificate from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and a certificate from (BNRC) for Best Restaurant.

Sip Unwine was awarded the Newest Restaurant Award title and citations from Senator Kevin Parker and Assemblyman Nick Perry.

Other restaurateurs also received certificates from (BNRC) and ccitations from Senator Kevin Parker and Assemblyman Nick Perry.

The owners of JLoft, Ralph and Kathy, were presented with a BRNC Love Partnership Award, for their sterling contribution to the community.

Some of the dishes included, Jerk Chicken, Peas and Rice, Macaroni and Cheese, Rasta Pasta, Jerk Pork, and other delicious fare.

Guests also had samplings of Guyana XM Rum, Bartenura Wine, Royal Wine selections, and BK Bottles.

Congresswoman Clarke, who was a special guest, congratulated Persaud for bringing the event to the community, and thanked guests for coming out to engage in the food and wine sampling, adding that it was very important that they support entrepreneurship.

“If you want to know how healthy our community is, look at its small business, if we don’t support our own, who will?”

“I would like to thank our Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, for partnering with us in this part of Brooklyn to make sure that we could provide a refreshing evening to the community, and to make sure that each and everyone understand that we play a critical role in the strengthening and development of our own community,” said the politician.

“If we put our dollars together to support our entrepreneurs, they grow and they employ others from within our community as well, so it is important that we are sophisticated in the use of our dollars. The more that we can spend with our own, the more our community is strengthened, and will grow,” said Congresswoman Clarke.

Roy Martin, who was appointed deputy director for Night Life by Mayor Bill DeBlasio to oversee the initiative, said the community has much more to offer, and reassured that elected officials would work to ensure East Flatbush and Flatbush are respected, while forging a partnership between city agencies and the community.

He noted that members of the Caribbean community work hard and invest, but sometimes do not see the results of that hard work.

He applauded Clarke for working hard for the community, and June Persaud for putting on a great event.

Justice Ingrid Joseph, who will be seeking re-election in the September primary, also attended the event and reminded supporters of the importance of voting.

Sesame Flyers stilt dancers and live dee jay music celebrated the evening’s event. Guests also went home with complimentary gift bags in celebration of Coordinator Persaud’s birthday.

The goal of BNRC is to improve relations and dialogue between bar and restaurant industry stakeholders, the communities which they operate, and the City of New York.

Newly re-elected Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, left, with Coordinator of Food and Wine Tasting, Ms. June Persaud.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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