Caribbean women honored at APCCS celebration

Caribbean women honored at APCCS celebration
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The illustrious careers of three phenomenal Caribbean-born women and their commitment to serve the community were highlighted during a Caribbean American Heritage Month celebration and awards presentation, in the Ball Room of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn.

Thanks to the Action Performance Commitment Community Services Inc., in collaboration with the Guyana Cultural Association of N.Y., the June 25 evening which showcased the talents and versatility of expatriates, honored Guyanese American Claire Patterson-Monah, a senior associate executive director of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, Queens Health Newtwork-Elmhurst & Queens Hospitals.

The former Kings County Hospital executive and NYU and Cornell University graduate accepted a Proclamation from Senator Kevin Parker’s office, and a Caribbean Heritage Month plaque from APC Community Services.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Michelle Lopez, AIDS advocate, director of HIV Programs at Brooklyn Multi-Specialty Group, recipient of the Square Award by the Fund for the City of New York and inductee of the Dallas Smithsonian Women’s Museum Living Quilt of Women Health Advocates, was also honored.

Carol Reneau of Belize, a former Marine officer, special education teacher and literacy and education advocate, Political Science graduate, doctoral student and volunteer of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Brooklyn District’s At-Risk Youth Program, accepted honors from APC President Dr. Janice Emanuel Bunn who lauded the nationals for their superb contributions during the evening’s festivity.

Dr. Emanuel Bunn called on the professionals and special invited guests, to lift up each other. “We are all one people, let’s build each other up, let’s reach back during Caribbean American Heritage month to make contributions,” she added.

The medical professional reminded the nationals that a broader vision could strengthen each other while helping humanity. “Celebrate the richness of our culture, teach our children our history. The more we do, the more enriched they become,” she said.

“As we build together, we will succeed together,” were the encouraging words of Dr. Emanuel Bunn who made a point of the tremendous contributions the Caribbean region has contributed to the United States of America, and encouraged expats to share what their respective homeland had done to enrich the North American nation.

Emceed by Wayne Johnson, a flag parade of nations showed pride and patriotism, while a cultural presentation with performers from Barbados, Haiti, Grenada, Belize and Guyana emboldened the true spirit of the Caribbean people.

Since its launch in 1996, APCCS has provided services in health and wellness, advocacy, domestic violence prevention and HIV / AIDS awareness.

Mentorship programs for youth, and day care services to empower residents in underserved communities, have made the organization one of the most effective in the Caribbean community.

The group will continue its medical mission to the Caribbean, where thousands of residents in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana, Grenada have benefited from the volunteer assistance provided by doctors, dental hygienist, nurses and other medical practitioners.

APCCS Board of Trustees and members include; Dr. Gordon John, Dr. Naomi Modeste, Hildegarde Reimers, Cheryl Gerrard, Dr. Orin Douglas, Dr. Yvonne Peters, Illouise Tucker and Lucille Adams Gay.