CaribBeing celebrates Caribbean American Heritage Month

Mixer encourages island pride in Flatbush locals|Mixer encourages island pride in Flatbush locals|Mixer encourages island pride in Flatbush locals
Shelley V. Worrell, founder and executive director of CaribBEING.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

CariBeing, a Flatbush, Brooklyn-based cultural hub and “leading presenter of all things Caribbean,” is celebrating Caribbean American Heritage Month with a series of activities.

According to the New York Daily News, CaribBeing will on Thursday host “One Love Little Caribbean Day.”

In collaboration with the Prospect Park Alliance, CaribBeing will feature a “socially-distanced ribbon-cutting ceremony” at the intersection of Washington and Flatbush avenues in Brooklyn, the Daily News said.

Shelley Worrell, CaribBeing’s founder and chief executive officer, told the paper that the “One Love Little Caribbean Day” permits “supporters, business associations, small-business owners and the vibrant Caribbean community at large an opportunity to come together to honor the rich legacy and diverse cultural contributions of people of the Caribbean-LatinX Diaspora.”

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Assemblywoman Diana Richardson will host the event.

“CaribBeing is a multidisciplinary venture dedicated to showcasing Caribbean culture, art, film in Greater New York City and around the world, where art, culture, lifestyle meet global Caribbean and LatinX heritage,” said Richardson, who represents the 43rd Assembly District in Brooklyn. “The organization celebrates and amplifies Caribbean culture and lifestyle, supporting businesses, creating community, and documenting as well as creating culture.”

In 2017, she said CaribBeing spearheaded the naming of Little Caribbean “to recognize, celebrate and foster the contributions of Caribbean-Americans in New York City and the neighborhood of Flatbush as a center for culture, community and commerce.

“The organization is considered a thriving cultural venture illuminating the Caribbean experience and communities in Greater New York City and around the world, and works at the intersection of culture, community, commerce,” she said.

The assemblywoman said CaribBeing also leads walking tours in Flatbush, “where participants experience Caribbean food, drink, community, stimulating local business development for Caribbean-owned businesses on Flatbush, Nostrand and Church Avenues.”

She said Yelp is also partnering with CaribBeing to celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month.

“All month long, the celebration will recognize the significance of Caribbean people in the history and culture of the United States,” Richardson said. “Yelp is putting a spotlight on some amazing Caribbean-owned businesses throughout Brooklyn, with discounts and elite experiences you can redeem.”

She said Caribbean-American Heritage will also be celebrated in Prospect Park with CaribBeing, Jouvayfest Collective and Prospect Park Alliance.

“Brooklyn’s Backyard will be home to a month of workshops, live music, culinary arts and other special events,” Richardson said. “Enjoy Caribbean music, dance, food, wellness and much more during this cultural celebration for Brooklynites of all ages.

“All participating artists and practitioners are based in Little Caribbean NYC, and hail from Haiti, Trinidad, Panama and Puerto Rico,” she added.

Worrell said she wants the area to be “as prominent and recognizable as Chinatown is in Manhattan,” according to NY1.

“When you come to New York City, part of that experience is going to Chinatown and going to Little Italy, Worrell told the cable TV station. “And I think that part of coming to New York City should also be coming to Flatbush and East Flatbush to go island hopping and to experience a vibrant Caribbean community and culture.”

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