Cash Poor Essential College Guidance

Cash Poor Essential College Guidance
Diane M. Warmsley with a copy of her book “Cash Poor or College? The Essential Guide to College Admissions,”

“Cash Poor or College? The Essential Guide to College Admissions,” a free and open-to-the public lecture series at Queens Library at Laurelton, Queens is equipping, a predominantly group of teens and families to navigate the college admissions process.

The two-month series offers a chock-full-of nuts impressive step-by-step walk through untangling the college entrance adventure.

At each weekly evening class, 35-year-veteran admissions officer Diane M. Warmsley builds upon the college preparation and admissions process.

At one of the workshops in the Laurelton Library Conference Room, Warmsley distributes an assignment to students enrolled in New York City’s public, private and parochial schools to assess their comprehension of college-related matters from financial aid to the recognized degrees offered by accredited colleges and universities in the United States.

Interestingly, the students of varied ages stumbled as Warmsley masterly guided them through a list of their tested incorrect responses with insight and precision.

Warmsley, a recipient of a masters degree in administration and supervision in higher eduction from Baruch College CUNY – emphasized the importance and advantages of a college degree.

“Folks with college degrees made $49,593.00 more a year than those with high school diplomas!” explained Warmsley, as noted in her book titled similar to her workshops.

“Cash Poor or College: The Essential Guide to College Admissions for Teens (ages 13 to 18) & their Parents” (Motivational Press).

Warmsley’s much-needed enlightening invaluable tool to make college assessible highlights,

Three reasons why college matters, 40-plus must-do-and-know tips to embrace by senior years, college on little-to-no debt, top 10 factors in admission decisions, college search actvities/calendar and 13 ways parents can support their teens.

Clearly, Warmsley’s workshop and book deserves a place as early as pre-k in First Lady Chirlane McCray’s pre-K planned institutions — and throughout college.

An early start to a commitment of excellence, comes without a set price tag as well as the unwavering requisite unwavering village of support, all of which Warmsle embraces in her compact mandatory book for a college future.

For more information on Cash Poor or College Workshops and programs at Laurelton Library, contact 718-528-2822.

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