Central Brooklyn Lions participate in community fridge project

Members of Central Brooklyn Lions Club, Inc. at community refrigerator project.
Lion Jerusha Jacobs

Stating that “where there is a need, there is a lion,” the Central Brooklyn Lions Club, Inc. says it was recently presented with the challenge of participating in the “community fridge project” where refrigerators are located in different parts of the city and where food is provided for free to the community.

“The project was brought to the club members as something new, but one that needs our attention and participation, especially now,” Jamaican-born Doreen Thomas, service chairperson and past president of the Central Brooklyn Lions Club, Inc. told Caribbean Life on Monday, stating that, just before Thanksgiving, seven Lions set out to begin this project.

Community resident accessing a refrigerator stocked with free items.Lion Jerusha Jacobs

“We decided to use the fridge located at Nostrand Avenue and Maple Avenue in Brooklyn,” she said. “On arrival, two Lions began cleaning inside the fridge. One found a broom and started sweeping around the area.

“During this time, a line began to form, as community members took notice of what we were doing, asking who we were and observing us preparing the area,” Thomas explained. “After the fridge and the area were cleaned, we repacked the fridge with fresh and canned vegetables, fresh and canned fruits, yams, juices, applesauce and onions.”

Central Brooklyn Lions stock a refrigerator with free food for residents.  Lion Jerusha Jacobs

Thomas, a retired nurse, said the most fulfilling / rewarding part of this project was “the number of persons who patiently waited to receive some food.

“A few people approached us and said, ‘thank you so much for what you are doing,’” she said. “Others said, ‘we really appreciate this.’”

“This is a self-service fridge; each person is asked to take just what they need, so that more people can benefit,” Thomas added. “The Lions’ motto is ‘we serve,’ and this is some of the services we provide in the community.

“We will continue to provide this service as often as we can do it,” Thomas assured.

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