Chamber hosts political gala

The evening of Dec. 9, The Greater N.Y. Chamber of Commerce hosted the political event of the decade. This event was none other than their Holiday Gala, which honored New York State’s Governor David Patterson and New York’s First Lady Michelle Patterson.

This event was a joint collaboration between G.N.Y.C.C. and the organization New Democratic Dimensions, the events venue was the 44th Street General Society Museum.

The primary purpose of the event was to present New York’s First Couple with a special presentation award acknowledging their many years of distinguished public service to New York and America in an atmosphere of networking with business and civic leaders in the landmark building with over 120 years of history. The gala event also recognized Health Corps.

G.N.Y.C.C.’s President Mark Jaffe and Executive Director Ms. Helana Natt, hosted the event.

Governor Patterson highlighted the special work that his administration has done regarding New York’s foreclosure crisis, as well as other programs instituted by his administration for the betterment of New Yorkers. Following the governor’s speech, the First Lady Michelle gave her speech.

The event’s 200 attendees featured some of the historical and current power brokers of New York City including former Mayor David Dinkins, New York’s State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, Mayor of Harlem Leslie Wyche, and Chamber Health Alliance Committee Member Chez Ciccone.

Ciccone provided attendees with all of the positive results regarding the chambers free New York RX Card for paid prescriptions discounts.

Representatives from the offices of Congressman Charlie Rangel, Office of the Majority Whip – Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens, T.V. Actor Lou Myers, Veteran Award Winning T.V. Journalist Bill McCreary and his business partner Kim E. Fuller, as well as several other prominent people from New York’s business and political communities.

Last month the Chamber’s Political Action Committee hosted an event for Senator John Sampson at their headquarters.