Change your attitude and find success

Change your attitude and find success
Renny Roker uses positivity to make his dreams a reality.
Renny Roker

We live in microwaveable times.

In a world of 140 characters and 15-second videos, it is safe to assume that millenials are simply impatient.

Impatience, however, does not allow any great idea reach it’s full potential. A mixture of patience, tenacity, perseverance and a hefty dose of positivity is Bahamian descendant Renny Roker’s secret to achieving success.

Adding author to his already extensive resume, Roker is utilizing real-life stories to inspire and motivate in “POSITIVITY – Your Key to Success.” “Positivity is written based on true stories. It’s easy to tell somebody that this is how you do this, step one do this, step two do this – it doesn’t work that way,” Roker explained. “If somebody wants to come up with a step, the first step is to believe in yourself if you don’t believe in yourself whatever it is you’re selling it’s not going to work.”

Throughout his experiences, Roker has become a vessel of amazing life-experiences many of which he experienced directly and some indirectly.

One chapter, titled “From Poop to President,” Roker provides a detail account of a young man with a college degree working at a company as the janitor. Through a chance meeting, the young man confided in Roker that despite his own achievements his communication prevented him from going for a job at the company. “’He said, I graduated from college with high honors and I asked him what he was doing working as a janitor. He said I wanted to work with the company but I just couldn’t communicate properly,” Roker explained.

The young man managed to save the company $15 million through suggestions he would leave on the president’s desk unsigned. With Roker’s push, the young man scheduled a meeting with the president and was instantly offered a position as a vice president earning $300,000 a year.

“He said, ‘I’m no longer the janitor I’m the vice president and I’m going to earn $300,000 a year. How do I thank you?’ I said, by doing a great job,” he said.

With stories like this within the pages of “POSITIVITY – Your Key to Success,” Roker believes that anyone with a vision or a thought to do something will see the benefit of adopting a positive attitude.

Another success manifesto he firmly believes in is watching the company you keep. Something our parents have made a comment about a time or two, Roker’s views on reeling in positivity within self and with those you surround yourself is one of the most important life pillars.

“I don’t have any special lock on being positive but one of the other things that’s important is who you associate with,” he said. “If you associate yourself with people who are always negative just tell them to get away and go someplace else. There are too many people like that but there’s a whole plethora of people who want to do something and I suggest especially for our younger people they need to be around people like myself and others — there are many others — who can relate to these youngsters in a way that makes them realize as difficult as it was for us and as easy as it is for them today it is still difficult if they don’t take a positive attitude.”

The serial entrepreneur is not done showing the world his pen skills just yet. Fresh off the release of “POSITIVITY – Your Key to Success,” Roker is switching lanes and is trying his hand at a new children’s book.

Don’t expect him to leave his positive attitude, however, as he intends on giving the younger generation a positive piece of work that will relate, educate and entertain them. Much like he did for his own kids. “These are three unique characters that I used to tell my kids – I was a single parent with three kids,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to recall a beautiful time in my life when I was able to tell the story to the kids and it was all positive. The younger we get them thinking positive, the stronger they are when they get older.”

Available on Amazon, purchase your copy of “POSITIVITY – Your Key to Success” to find out how an attitude adjustment could be the key to your success.

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