Haitian-born singer, Emeline Michel.     Max Nayaradou
Haitian-born singer, Emeline Michel. Max Nayaradou

Haitian-born singer, Emeline Michel’s release “Change” (“Chanjmen”) a timely song of embracing hope and change in these uncertain times of COVID-19, recently released, is the first single on her upcoming gospel and music biopic, “Aroma of my Land.”

In a recent exclusive interview with Caribbean Life, the singer confirmed, that this latest project is a refreshing return to the her gospel roots, and is a complex, plighting musical delight that brings listeners along on an exploration of Michel’s spiritual and musical journey.

Spanning a range of styles, “Aroma of My Land” is a melting pot of deeply spiritual and emotionally charged sounds, rich in textures and gospel-inspired grooves.

Michel is known for her unique blend of traditional Haitian rhythms, pop, jazz, blues, bossa nova, samba, and Reggae, that showcases the versatility of this vocalist, who has an internationally renowned career spanning more than 30 years.

“Music is my life and I am so grateful for it,” said the chanteuse, whose 11th album is a full gospel project she is excited to produce, since her foundation as a singer began in church.

Every album she produced has an element of where she started as a singer, however, this collection completely embraces this genre of music.

Lovingly described as the “Queen of Creole Music” Michel, who has thrilled audiences at prestigious concert venues including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, said the words and melody of “Change” came together beautifully during recording sessions in New York, with band members, Dominic James, Carol Hodge and Cassandra Dorcely.

The entertainer, writer and producer said the video for the new single “Chanjmen” the French translation for “Change” was shot in Brazil and Chile last year where she was on tour.

The soloist who began singing with a stunning vocal range in her church, at the tender age of five, remembers being so small that a bench had to be added for her after being invited to sing with choir members.

“Queen of Creole Music” Emeline Michel.

She went on to perform at Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas concerts, showcasing her extraordinary talent that won her the top spot in a national music contest.

Michel was later catapulted to fame and the successful landing of her first recording contract, that produced the single, “Flum.”

She gleefully said, “I was elated to hear my song playing on the radio while traveling in a car in Haiti.”

The consummate entertainer who is passionate about her craft, was right after offered a scholarship to train at the prestigious Detroit Jazz Center in the United States, and continued her training in Paris, where a private teacher helped Michel to further develop her vocal talent.

The delightful singer said she admired singers, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, and Stevie Wonder, adding that it was a privilege to hear them sing.

Proudly hailing from the streets of Gonaïves, Haiti, Michell quickly became a musical force to be reckoned with and is now widely considered “diplomat of music.”

She has captivated audiences across the Americas, Africa, and Europe, through her music that infuses a powerful socio-political message with a sense of joy and love that transcends genres.

Michel is based in New York City, where she runs her own production company, Production Cheval de Feu, and is preparing to release “Aroma of My Land,” her 11th studio album and music biopic.

“I have been blessed with the great collaboration of Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall, I could not wish for better, and since I speak French, I have performed in Africa, Belgium, as well as the Caribbean, and other parts of the world,” said Michel who completed filming a show in the Brooklyn Botanical garden. The virtual show will be aired on June 2, 2020.

The singer described standing in a field of fragranced flowers in the garden to celebrate and pay respect to mother earth. “We need to be more caring to mother earth, said the multi talented vocalist, and well accomplished dancer,” she said.

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