Charlize Horizon kiddies have ‘Mystical Illusions’

Charlize Horizon kiddies have ‘Mystical Illusions’|Charlize Horizon kiddies have ‘Mystical Illusions’
Laniece Hofflie showcases individual costume ‘Illusion”from Charlize Horizon.

Charlize Horizon Junior Mas is ready for Kiddies Carnival on Saturday, Sept. 5, as was clear recently, when high spirited youngsters in colorful costumes put on a display reveling to carnival music at the band’s 898 East 95th St. (between D & Foster) camp in Brooklyn.

Costume designer Charlene Norgriff a San Fernando, Trinidad, native has put her heart and soul into the radiant collection to bring to life her themed – “Mystical Illusions.”

Now in her second year of competition as an individual bandleader, Norgiff, the owner of Neya’s Daycare, is inspired by carnival, and as such will dazzle the judges with sections to showcase “Sensational,” “Circus Girl,” “Butterflies,” “Fairies,” and cartoon characters to bring to life her fantasy concept.

The whimsical designs include a polka dot dress paired with rainbow tights, fish net tutus in purple designed with sequins and glitter, glamour girl.

The cute fairytale costumes and cartoon characters for boys, created from metallic fabric, the designer said, will tell a thousand tales.

Laniece Hofflie, the designer’s daughter will present the ‘Illusion’ individual costume to lead the teenage section of the posse. The black and silver ensemble features a feathered headpiece and is accentuated with a jeweled half mask.

Norgriff, focused on the children living their culture and being a part in their culture. As such, she emphasized keeping cost down, making the costumes attrattive and affordable to parents.

The toddler costume prices start at $65, while the teen outfits go up to $140.00.

With lots of help at the Mas camp to complete the impressive, comfortable designs, Norgriff said her band is a place where all can come and take part as a family.

Norgriff brings a wealth of experience in this category after presenting sections with “Hawks International,” “Ramajay Mas,” and “Antoine International.” She hopes to put forward an impressive presentation when her children masquerades in front of the judges on Labor Day weekend.

Charlize Horizon Mas Camp is open daily with extended weekend hours, and could be reached by calling 347-365-6402, 347-586-3388

Charlize Horizon band leader Charlene Norgriff extreme right, with kids from the band.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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