Congratulations to all our graduates!

Graduates wear a black hat to stand for congratulations on graduation
Graduates wear a black hat to stand for congratulations on graduation.

Dear Members of the graduating Class of 2020,

These are extraordinary times — and each of you are extraordinary in your own way. Congratulations on reaching this landmark time in your life!

This certainly isn’t what you expected when you started the year back in September, and had visions of striding onto the stage in your cap and gown to pick up the diploma or degree you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You are living through incredible times, and they happen to converge on a milestone in your life.

Let us challenge you a bit to put these times aside. Live in the moment, live in the present; never forget that it is a present. You can do nothing about the past, and nobody can read the future. Enjoy the present with your family, your friends and your loved ones.

Those of you who just received your college degree are about to head out into the “real world,” and even with the difficulties that currently exist, you can make an immediate impact to help improve our city, state and country.

Your attention, like other graduates, is about finding that coveted first job. As you search, stay focused, positive and, most importantly, persistent. With persistence, you will find a place, whether it be graduate school or other opportunities in the workplace.

If a job is not available, jump in and consider being a volunteer. Take an internship! Nothing is better than experiencing the world, even in unpaid positions, until you find a paid position. Your creativity, your skill set and your desire will make the difference when hiring begins.

It’s always beneficial to learn lessons in life at an early age so that you are prepared for them as you get older. If anything can be learned from this pandemic, it is that life is precious. You can’t take any day for granted. You will face adversity in many ways throughout life.

There are lessons to be learned during this pandemic. Remember that when we work together, our impact upon society will be even greater than working on our own.

Wearing a mask now makes a difference in your life, and every other life around you.

For those of you heading to college next year, get ready for a unique time in your life. Enjoy each day!

As you tackle the core classes, term papers and other academic challenges that college poses, follow your heart. Find your passion. Nothing is better in life than doing what you love. If it’s something you’re emotionally and intellectually invested in, pursue it.

As for middle school students heading into high school, the next four years will be filled with new friends, harder courses and test after test after test. Welcome to the next level of your academic career; take one day at a time.

Study hard and work hard. The path to success is very simple: Work hard. Throw yourself into school activities.

High school is full of all sorts of afterschool activities beyond sports. Take part in them. Begin finding your passion, join a club (or two), make new friends and learn more about the world around you.

Remember always the people who have loved you and who have cared about you to bring you to this point in your life. A thank you to the wonderful families who have helped their children succeed. We’re sure you’re bursting with pride.

Be hopeful for their future. They will make you proud!

Thank you, teachers and professors, for helping not just to mold your students’ young minds, but also to inspire them to be the best that they can be. As an educator, it’s not merely about passing on facts or assignments; it’s about instilling enlightenment, passion and dedication to your students. You have helped them to change the world for the better.

We congratulate you, graduates, on your outstanding achievements. Great challenges lie ahead. Pursue them, be challenged by them and live the life you dreamed.

Go, and do great things!


Victoria Schneps

Joshua Schneps

Co-Publishers, Schneps Media

Co-publisher Josh Schneps.

Co-Publisher Vicky Schneps.

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