Contracts end for CWI Selectors Haynes, Browne-John

West Indies batting legend and Chiefselector, Desmond Haynes.
Associated Press / Andres Leighton, file

Desmond Haynes and Ann Browne-John’s tenure as lead selectors for Cricket West Indies’ (CWI) ended on June 30.

Haynes was appointed in January 2022 while Browne-John was appointed in October 2019.

Both made significant contributions to the organization, CWI Director of Cricket, Miles Bascombe said in a statement on July 4.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to Haynes and Mrs Browne-John for their dedicated service as lead selectors. Their insights and commitment have been invaluable to our cricketing endeavours.”

It added that CWI will continue the quest for excellence in the selection system with ongoing restructuring efforts, including the implementation of new and improved processes.

Bascombe continued by saying, “We are committed to a selection system that reflects the current needs of our cricketing landscape which will give us the best chance to identify and develop talent across all levels.”

“The new system will have an increased focus on scouting, depth charting, alignment with cricket strategy, and human resource management.”

Bascombe said Haynes’ and Browne-John’s contributions have been marked by their unwavering dedication to the sport and their deep understanding of cricketing dynamics.

He added that West Indies teams have shown improvements in the ICC rankings for both men and women under their leadership and CWI “acknowledges the pivotal roles that both individuals have played in this achievement.”