Council Member Louis hosts tie-dye party for 45th district kids

A happy bunch of residents of NYC Council District 45, celebrate their colorful artwork at a Tie Dye party hosted by Council Member Farah N. Louis, in partnership with Assembly Member Helene E. Weinstein. Pictured in back are facilitators Sabrina Dieujuste, Keisha Sydney, Tiffany Yip-Melamed, and Camara Jackson.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Residents of East Flatbush Brooklyn took full advantage of the beautiful weather, last Saturday, July 10, to reconnect in Amersford Park, thanks to New York Council Member Farah N. Louis, who partnered with Assembly Member Helene E. Weinstein, in a Tie-Dye party, the first of many planned summer events.

Recently reelected to the 45th Council District in the Democratic primary, Louis was hands-on with the youngsters, who joyfully created colorful designs on tee shirts, baseball caps and facemasks, using supplies donated by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

After adding her creative touches to a “Tee”, the elected official told Caribbean Life that she is excited to reconnect the community as the state enters its recovery phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Louis wants to especially keep the young people, entertained, and off the street. As such, she will unveil activities such as movie nights, sporting events, and other fun events to help build communication around the community. She is also at work, to halt gun violence in the district, and prepare students to return to school this September.

“It is an opportunity for us to come together and reactivate our emotional and mental health, and get fit,” she said, with plans to launch a health and well exercise class in the very park, for the elderly.

“This is a coming together, one nation under God, different religions and cultures. We are one community, just trying to make it out of this pandemic, and to the next step,” said Louis who after being elected in 2019 quickly planned goals, to help connect the community to her office, so concerns and issues could be addressed.

Opportunity for small businesses has been at the top of her agenda, and since the pandemic put a damper on community affairs, her aim is to now reinvest, and reactivate the lives of constituents.

The district now has affordable senior citizen housing, and will promote more small businesses, and 501(3) c non-profits, to benefit constituents.

She also proudly announced that a women’s health clinic in now in the works, as well as the Shirley Chisholm community center, birthed by then, Council Member, now Public Advocate, Juumanie Williams.

She will complete the project with a $70M allocation from the office of NYC Mayor, Bill deBlasio.

She pointed out that the state-of-the-art business, and community tech hub center will be geared towards providing skills training for youths to excel, and grow, as they prepare for career opportunities.

Council Member Louis, sent special, “thanks to amazing Assembly Member, Helene Weinstein for partnering with us as well as our awesome sponsors, Elite Learners, Inc., Sesame Flyers, the Bridge Multicultural Project, Brooklyn Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce and Empire BlueCross BlueShield.”

“Together, we created a space for all ages to explore and celebrate their creativity. Our community is already asking for an encore. Thank you for helping us make today such a success,” she said.

Community Outreach Coordinator, Sabrina Dieujuste, welcomed children, ages 5-14, and parents, noting that when Covid-19 hit, the community was restricted from many activities and engagement. “We are trying to get to a sense of normalcy. This is one step closer towards that,” she said, in reference to the tie-dye party.

“People feel comfortable together, they haven’t seen each other in the community for a long time, so the bright colors makes everyone feel good, shared, Dieujuste.

Sesame Flyers Int. community outreach representative, Keisha Sydney, lauded the 38 year non-profit for the work it has done, providing services to 7000 families over the years.

The 13-time winner of “Band of the Year” at the Annual Labor Day Carnival, continue to educate, and engage children through its after school programs.

Sydney thanked Council Member Louis for inviting Sesame Flyers Int. to be a part of the event, noting that the children were very enthusiastic to create their own artwork.

“I am happy that we are coming back to some type of normalcy.” She said the organization had to pivot after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Adding that a new dance company was formed, and at the ready for any upcoming events.

“We have to stay relevant,” said Sydney.

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