CWI reviews franchise program

Cricketers’ fitness gets priority
Cricket West Indies Vice President, Dr. Kishore Shallow.
Cricket West Indies
Cricket West Indies (CWI) has begun a review of the Professional Cricket League franchise system.
Speaking at a “Let’s Rally – T20 World Cup” webinar hosted by the University of Trinidad and Tobago recently, CWI Vice President, Dr. Kishore Shallow said the franchise system has not translated into success at the international level and that the regional body will assess the current program with the view to making improvements.
He said while some progress had been made, “we have realized the franchise system as it is would not translate to success at the international level and that has proven by our players from that same franchise system.”
Speaking of some of the advantages of the system, Shallow said, “we started this franchise system about six or seven years ago. We have had tremendous gains, employing some 90 players plus staff. Professional cricketers are being paid monthly. We have those players playing cricket full time. It was a remarkable step in the right direction.”
However, he said, players coming out of the franchise system were still not showing the desired consistency at the international level.
He said a committee had been set up with some distinguished people from across the region to review that system and to ensure that things are put in place so that not only would the franchise system produce more complete cricketers, but also ensure it is more sustainable financially and otherwise.

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