CWI: Risk management key to commitments

Cricket West Indies CEO, Johnny Grave.
Cricket West Indies CEO, Johnny Grave.
Faced with a busy 2022 schedule amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Cricket West Indies (CWI) says managing risk will be a key factor for the organization over the coming months in determining the success of its international commitments.
Both the senior men and women’s Caribbean side have been active throughout 2021 and will be confronting with an even busier schedule in 2022, with the Women’s 50-over World Cup set for New Zealand and the Men’s Twenty20 World Cup scheduled for Australia.
The Under-19 side, dubbed the Rising Stars, is currently competing at the ICC World Cup in the Caribbean, further adding to an already complex international itinerary for CWI.
 However, CWI Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Grave said the regional governing body was already braced for the challenges associated with staging multiple tours during a pandemic but believed it could do so while protecting the health and safety of players and officials.
“Clearly COVID-19 is still around and all the players and support staff are fully vaccinated, which clearly does manage the risk in terms of anyone getting seriously ill,” he said.
“So it’s going to be another busy year for Cricket West Indies, particularly the start of the year and we just hope that we can get through the cricket as safely and successfully as we possibly can,” Grave said.

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