CWI studies four-day Test match proposal

Cricket West Indies CEO, Johnny Grave.
Cricket West Indies CEO, Johnny Grave.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) is examining a proposal by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make Test cricket four-day matches instead of the current five days.

CWI CEO Johnny Grave commenting on the issue said the regional body is open minded about the proposal, adding that the ICC may however, have to look at the cricket’s laws and regulations for four-day Test matches.

He said the main reason maybe the ICC is thinking of making Test cricket four-day matches is to clear up some space in the hectic cricket calendar.

“West Indies’ position is until we hear the views of the ICC cricket committee and the views of the chief executive committee and the board of directors, we are open-minded and look forward to participating in the debate,” Grave said.

He said, when possible, match referees must ensure four full days of cricket are played.

The CWI CEO believes that flood lights must be utilized to get the allotted number of overs completed if time is lost due to rain or bad light.

Grave said if the new proposed four-day Test matches start on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday, it will encourage more crowd support.

He said even if the changes are made, Test cricket will still be seen as the number one format.

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